The Roost – Nominee – Restaurant of the Year – Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards

by Glee Hospitality on يوليو 15, 2018
Glee Hospitality has been the brains behind the original concept of The Roost, Dubai. Concept development, location selection, execution, pre-post services, staff selection, and operations management, Glee Hospitality has provided 360-degree turnkey solutions in restaurant management.

Kishmish: Restaurant Concept Development Project by Glee Hospitality

by Glee Hospitality on يوليو 9, 2018
Kishmish: Where it all began The idea behind this brave and wonderful new restaurant venture was a simple one; take good Afghani food from the dinner tables of Afghanistan to…

F&B Concept Design Project: SLAB

by Glee Hospitality on يوليو 2, 2018
Slab over a slice Slab over a slice A little or a lot? That is the question that is seemingly being answered fervently by the new restaurant on everyone’s lips…

Glee Hospitality Solutions Continues to Revolutionize the GCC’s F&B Sector under the Leadership of Abdul Kader

by Glee Hospitality on يونيو 24, 2018
Bringing over 25 years of experience in the hospitality consultancy and management. Since being established in 2009, Glee Hospitality Solutions have worked to offer end-to-end solutions in restaurant concept development and restaurant…

Using part-timers can be the right mix in F&B business model – Exclusive by Gulf News

by Glee Hospitality on يونيو 19, 2018
By Abdul Kader Saadi, Special to Gulf News Food and beverage (F&B) operators constantly face challenges in all avenues of their business. From increased competition to supplier costs, there is…

9 Ways Restaurant Consulting Services Can Help Your Start-up Brand

by Glee Hospitality on مايو 28, 2018
Restaurant Consulting Services In the winding world of F&B, there has never been a more exciting time than today. Food culture all over the world is seeing an all-time high…

Top 25 Restaurant Design Trends [Updated 2019]

by Glee Hospitality on مايو 7, 2018
The restaurant design is and always has been a key part for restaurateurs to allow those food lovers to have a better culinary experience. The year 2018 has seen a rapid rise in the popularity of food culture all over the world.

Tips to find the Top Restaurant Consultants in Dubai

by Glee Hospitality on أبريل 23, 2018
Finding the top restaurant consultants in Dubai is not an easy task. Find out what to do before doing your search and what to look for in an F&B consultant.