An ideal restaurant concept is key to the flourishing of your restaurant or hospitality business. It will help you attract plenty of new customers while keeping the regular ones coming. Expressed in the menu design, style of service, interior décor and even the type of targeted customers, the right concept promises a boost in profits all year long. For a new restaurant, you could take up some of the latest trends in concept development whereas an old restaurant that hasn’t been doing so well, can give the place a little sprucing up to go a long way in helping you improve your business.

Glee Hospitality has been at the forefront of concept development and implementation in the UAE for years, helping our clients increase sales while reducing staff and food costs. This article shows some of the most successful restaurant concepts developed by Glee all over the Middle East.

Skeek Restaurant Food Concept

1. Skeek – Ras Al-Khaimah

Have you been in a chic modern restaurant that not only serves great Emirati local food but with contemporary design? Quite unlikely, unless you have been to Skeek. This is what we mostly aimed to achieve with the restaurant. The management at Skeek approached us for a creative and unique concept to take the market by storm in November 2018.

With years of experience and expertise in this field, Glee was able to come up with a unique Emirati Modern Cuisine concept matched by no other in the entire region. Skeek boasts of a sassy interior and atmosphere to accentuate its exceptionally tasty foods. Skeek has become a go-to restaurant in UAE thanks to the restaurant concept we designed and its wonderful local Emirati cuisine.


Stella's pastry and dessert concept

2. Stella’s – Al Mouroor Street, Abu Dhabi

Stella’s is a sleek pastry and dessert dine-in lounge with an eclectic décor for all its guests. There are a lot of pastry enthusiasts who not only want great bitings but also an awesomely designed restaurant. Here, they can get to have those relaxing conversations with their friends or family. It’s absolutely perfect for the dessert and coffeeholics that are quite particular about their taste of coffee and sweet treats to cap off a fine dinner or a flaky pastry.

There were a couple of challenges that needed to be addressed before Stella’s became the go-to joint. First, we had to convert the space from a retail unit to an F&B joint. As easy as this sounds, it took a lot of technical expertise and coordination with authorities. We had to increase the electricity load from 15KW to 55KW. Secondly, finding a great pastry chef without breaking the bank was not a walk in the park. We all know that talented pastry chefs. The concept of the restaurant was built around a lady Stella, who is responsible for creating heritage recipes. So it was only necessary to find a female pastry chef that would represent the brand. We went through 20 pastry chefs until we found the perfect fit, a young, creative and experienced chef with an energetic personality- Meetika Sidhwani.

Glee took up this project and perfectly delivered a Pastries and Sweet Concept much to the management’s awe. We were able to secure the best location, meet their budgets and deadlines with just the right touches of creativity to the décor. Since May 2018, Stella’s has been the best choice for all those with a liking of sweets and pastries in Abu Dhabi.

Roots Kitchen by Parlour - Restaurant Concept

3. Roots Kitchen by Parlour – Form Hotel, Dubai

Most people do not think that a casual dining restaurant can be turned into a favourite for many locals. This is the challenge that we had when designing the concept for Roots. The restaurant would be catering to the whole hotel including room service, buffet breakfast, the rooftop bar and a dine-in experience. This made it necessary to design the back of the house in a way that would accommodate all these services and ensure that space was used wisely. The success that the restaurant has achieved over the last months shows that our efforts bore fruits.

Located in Form Hotel, Dubai, Roots Kitchen by Parlour is a casual dining restaurant offering a well-balanced and nourishing cuisine to its guests. We had to ensure that the items on the menu were not only healthy but also full of flavor. The hotel had to align to the concept of the hotel but at the same time attract the local Dubai foodies. Roots reached out to us for a casual dining concept as well as management and branding services that we were able to deliver with our highly qualified team. Glee Hospitality provided a number of services to Roots Kitchen including hospitality consulting, concept development and project management among other services.  With a beautiful interior and ambient lighting, Roots has become one of the best restaurants in Dubai because of its high food quality and homely service that will definitely ensure your consistent visits.

Kishmish Interior Design

4. Kishmish – Dar Al Wasl, Dubai

Kishmish is the first restaurant in Dubai with an authentic Gourmet Afghan Food Concept. They offer great flavours to go along with an ambient setting for customer comfortability. Since this restaurant was a pioneer in offering Afghan cuisine, it was not easy setting up the concept of the restaurant and giving it the great ambience that it has today. So how was this made possible? The three founders of the restaurant saw that their country, Afghanistan, was getting bad press all over. They sought to change this by highlighting some of the beautiful things about the country and one way to do this was by starting a restaurant.

With the help of Glee hospitality consultants, the founders were able to move from concept to conception. We were able to come up with a plan of action that would not only highlight the nostalgia and style of the Afghani culture but would do so through food. Our wide knowledge of matters regarding restaurant conception and design saw the restaurant being christened as one of the hottest restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant’s unique concept also earned them the Homegrown Restaurant Award during the BBC Good Food Middle East Awards in 2018. One major challenge experienced in the post-opening stage was the need to maintain the quality of food and service from the first day. A lot of food enthusiasts queued up and we had to make sure that their expectations were exceeded. Staff training was critical during this time to ensure there was no room for error. It also took a lot of hard work and working hours for the Kish-Mish team to be successful and well-loved today.

Pulled Chicken Roll - Roost Food Concept

5. The Roost Rotisserie – Al Manara, Dubai

Getting a great delivery restaurant is not always a walk in the park. While there are a lot of great options all over Dubai, it is not always automatic that you will find some great takeaway options. If you have explored a significant number of delivery outlets, then you know that some of them can be quite bland. The Roost Rotisserie, on the other hand, was formed to offer a healthy and homely alternative that would be different from any other rotisserie. To ensure that the concept was unique, the restaurant would deliver healthy, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and locally sourced chicken. Every item in the menu was designed to offer a unique flavor and great health benefits to the clients.

Located in Al Wasl, the restaurant was founded by an Emirati couple who planned to offer their healthy food to all Dubai residents. The restaurant promises some fresh from earth goodness and this can be experienced from their sugar-free ketchup to their hormone-free chicken. Glee hospitality offered a variety of services to the Roost Rotisserie, which has made it one of the most affordable and healthy alternatives in Dubai. For example, we streamlined operations to ensure that we maintained the food cost while using premium quality ingredients. If you want a rotisserie with a great menu and healthy alternatives, then this should be at the top of your list in 2019.

SLAB Restaurant Food Image

6. The Slab – La Mer, Dubai

SLAB is a great restaurant that started as a simple passion to offer great food and great service to consumers. It started as an idea by the founder, Faid Al Said, who traversed the globe in search of some of the best cuisines and food ideas. He reached out to Omar Rodriguez, a top chef, who helped him build the brand. What’s so special about Slab? The restaurant has an open plan kitchen and seating design, which allows the clients of the restaurant to easily choose their food from a wide selection of choices.

The food here is beautifully presented, moving away for the current norm of making attractive dishes, ‘just for the Instagram’, without the much-required content. At the Slab, they offer honest good dishes without overplaying the menu. Consequently, clients are more likely to be impressed by the entire dining experience. A customer will only appreciate your restaurant if the meal comes with great service, and this is what the Slab aimed for and was able to accomplish.

Beirut Khanum Interior Design

7. Beirut Khanum – Downtown Dubai

Only a handful of restaurants in Dubai have mastered the art of offering great exotic cuisines and Beirut Khanum is one of them. Lebanese cuisine often means that most foods will be grilled, sautéed in olive oil or even baked. It almost always involves an abundance of veggies, fruits, starches and whole grains. Although it may be easy to prepare such foods, making sure you get it right is not even half as easy. Beirut Khanum was opened in December 2018 in Downtown Dubai but it has already got people talking.

The restaurant ensured that it could fuse preparing a great Lebanese cuisine with an attractive design to showcase both the Lebanese culture and their sumptuous meals. The restaurant owners wanted us to help them create a unique concept and help in other activities before the opening of the restaurant. We offered a variety of services including concept development, interior design, project management and other pre-opening services. The fit out process was quite a challenge since we were working with Emaar, a big and well-known developer in the UAE. This meant that the restaurants had to meet the highest levels of fit out quality and technical requirements for equipment. With our expertise, the restaurant was able to anticipate the requirements and budget for the entire project. Our in-depth knowledge of the restaurant business in the UAE also made immense contributions in making Beirut Khanum a top Lebanese restaurant in Dubai.

Spheerz Restaurant Interior Design Concept

8. Spheerz – Rashid Port, Dubai

UAE has a lot of diverse people and you are likely to find enthusiasts of all types of cuisines. Spheerz allows you to try out both authentic Japanese food and culture without having to take a plane to the Asian country. The restaurant offers a new dining experience that seeks to help you get access to contemporary Japanese cuisines. What are some of the favourite items on the menu? Takoyaki, okonomiyaki and yakitori are some of the tasty foods that have graced the menu and will leave you wanting more.

The restaurant was established to help fans of the Japanese cuisine to grow their taste palates by giving them access to rare dishes. Although Spheerz could offer great food, they also wanted to offer their clients an authentic dining experience and this is where Glee hospitality came in. We helped the restaurant in various stages including concept development, project management, design among other services. This has made Spheerz a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves Japanese food in the UAE.

Harry's Pizza Restaurant Food Concept

9. Harry’s Pizza – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Pizza is one of the most revered foods of our times but you would be surprised by how many food outlets are unable to make a good pizza. Harry’s Pizza was inspired by the popular Italian Pizza over the last few decades hence the need to deliver some authentic Italian Pizza all over the Kingdom. Harry’s Pizza sets out to offer real Italian pizza to Riyadh residents using real Italian ingredients and this was realised in 2017 when the first branch opened its doors to the public. At Harry Pizza’s, you can choose to visit the franchise or have the Italian pizza delivered to any of your preferred locations.

The client procured the services of Glee hospitality to help them set up the franchise in Saudi. We offered consultancy services and used our deep knowledge and experience to ensure that all Pizza enthusiasts in Riyadh can get a taste of authentic Italian pizza. Harry’s Pizza is currently the go-to if you wish to impress your family or friends with some great Italian delicacy in Riyadh.

Rice Creamery - Rice Pudding Food Concept

10. Rice Creamery – Dar Wasal, Dubai

Opened in October 2013, Rice creamery has grown to become a favourite in Dubai. Although it is difficult to imagine that you can get more than 35 flavours of rice pudding, Rice creamery proved that this is indeed possible. What’s more? The restaurant managed to give a twist to an appetizer that is considered traditional in most parts of the world without adding any preservatives or harmful ingredients. Whether your favourite flavour is Banoffee or Tiramisu, you will be sure to get them in the form of a creamy rice pudding.

Glee Hospitality offered a variety of services including helping the restaurant franchise in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and even Bahrain. Other services include concept development, technical support and operational management. The great tastings offered here and excellent services have made this a favourite place in Dubai and other countries with franchised outlets. Great social media marketing by the restaurant is also one of the reasons why people are aware of the store and are willing to try out their special delicacies.

La Terrasse - Interior Green Wall - Restaurant Design Concept

11. La Terrasse – Dar Wasal, Dubai

Do you ever wish you could dine in an awesome place with great food and a nice environment in Dubai? If so, then this should be one of the restaurants that you should check out. The main idea behind La Terrasse was the need to offer specialty food fused with an awesome ambience. The restaurant mainly deals with serving bistro food and specialty coffee. Once you get to La Terrasse, you will be dining in an open yet green environment. This can be a great spot if you want to lunch out with your loved ones and friends.

When the client came to us and proposed the idea, we thought that this would be a great way to showcase our high level of experience in concept development and even post-opening management. However, the café has a very particular clientele market and it was a bit challenging to create a menu and ambiance that would match up to the local taste. We pulled it off by including desserts with the taste of Arabia, Insta-worthy breakfast and drinks presentation. We were able to achieve this even though we took over the project in the middle of the fit out process. We had to adapt the space to the operations and to ensure the work flow was highly efficient. Now, La Terrasse has become a preferred dining location for many people in Dubai.

Mousse Au Chocolat - Restaurant Design

12. Mousse Au Chocolat – City Walk, Dubai

Do you wish to enjoy a little bit of Paris in Dubai? At Mousse Au Chocolat, you will get to enjoy luxurious Chocolate Mousse that is inspired by the classic Paris design. The story of Mousse Au Chocolat started when Charles Farzi, the cook to King Louis XVI inspired the local chefs in Paris. The menu was inspired by his recipes but have been tuned to fit contemporary times by the local chef who has more than 20 years of experience. All the chocolates here are prepared with the best ingredients in the market and they even allow you to create your own dessert from different available flavour combinations.

With such great offerings, Mousse Au Chocolat approached us to help them develop the pre-opening concept and offer technical support. We relied on the past experience we had to ensure that we would give Mousse Au Chocolat the best F&B consulting services in Dubai. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, explore your taste palate with Mousse Au Chocolat, top restaurant in the UAE.

13. S’wich – Dubai Marina, Dubai

If you love Shawarma, then you will obviously love this place. The gourmet Shawarma made in S’wich are premised on one thing: food should be good and it should be good for you. This is what the restaurant intended to achieve and they have been successful at it. The restaurant managed to redesign every part of the shawarma by not only adding some fresh ingredients but also sourcing for organic suppliers. You can also get to create your shawarma as you wish from the thousands of choices available – name it and share it with others.

Glee Hospitality played a crucial role in concept development, technical support and operational management after it was opened. We used our experience and creativity to help create a great restaurant that you can always rely for good food. This casual and family-friendly restaurant has become a choice for many shawarma lovers in Dubai.

Acing Restaurant Concept Development

A lot of restaurants are springing up in the country and the general gulf area. To compete effectively, you not only have to offer the best food but also need great auxiliary services such as good customer services, a wide array of menu items and great operational management among others. Other important features that you have to pay attention to for a successful restaurant include a strong brand identity, exceptional marketing strategy, staff training, proper procurement and sourcing of equipment and ingredients, good recruitment practices among others. It is also worth noting that menu engineering, kitchen layout and exceptional designs are necessary, but the restaurant still needs to be operationally efficient. At Glee, we understand the importance of restaurant concept development and this allows us to fuse our creativity with the efficient use of space in your restaurant. Our years of experience, expertise and ability to try out new concepts will be a great addition to your restaurant idea.

We understand the importance of design in your restaurant and that is why we do not only offer attractive décor but also functional designs. It is crucial to invest in F&B concept development for anyone who wishes to succeed in the hospitality industry. At Glee, we offer 3D visuals at the concept development stage that we can turn into reality. Other essential services include pre-opening services, operational management, franchise solutions, interior design and post-opening services. We have worked with major brands around the Gulf area and we can also turn your restaurant dream into a reality, if only you contact us.

Remember that opening a restaurant needs a complex approach and nothing is less important than the other. Only a synergy of all these features will ensure you have a successful restaurant.