Why is restaurant interior design important?

Interior design is not merely about the way your interior looks, or what textiles and colour palettes you use in your design. It is far more than that. True interior design focuses not only on the aesthetics of a space but also the functionality of it, and this is what makes interior design for restaurants very important.

The need for an efficient and creative use of space in the hospitality sector had led many to ask interesting restaurant design questions. Some of these have been asked as a reaction to limitations within the chosen space, while others have been asked to push the boundaries of what is and is not possible. Either way, the need for hospitality businesses to hire a restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia and other cities in the region has never been stronger.

The use of restaurant consulting firms in Saudi Arabia has allowed for more open restaurant designs, not to mention far more creative and efficient use of space. Restaurants are environments where people come to enjoy food and dining experience. So, if you can use the elements of restaurant design to increase that enjoyment, then it will definitely lead to satisfied customers. When your restaurant does this, you are raising the standards for restaurant design.

What are some interior design trends in Saudi Arabia?

In one of the fastest growing economies in the region, food and design are now more intertwined than ever. Saudi Arabia is a rich country where shopping and entertainment is a large part of the local’s every-day life. This means that the F&B leaders have to be able to not only service this rising need, but also to constantly come up with refreshing and innovative ways to ensure that their customers will remain loyal to their brands.

With the restaurant industry being one of the fastest growing in the region, the need to hire a restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia has never been so important. There has been an increasing number of restaurants popping everywhere; each one with unique concepts and menus to offer. So, whether you are a new F&B chain or you are just re-designing an existing one, you’ll have to know some of the hottest interior design trends in the country today.

Stripped-Back Interiors

best-restaurant-design-hospitality-consultants-dubai-uaeThis is when the design of a restaurant calls for the interior to be completely yet stylishly stripped back to a bare minimum. Although this design choice has its roots firmly set in simpler times, when done well, it can carry a sense of minimalism as well as a modern and classy look. The original idea began when restaurants that were re-fitting their premises stripped back all the fixtures and fittings only to find that underneath, there lay a layer of rough and raw styling. The design idea was then taken from these origins and added to a sleeker and more refined visual with again more focus on functionality and efficient use of space.

The modern take on a ‘Stripped Back’ interior has been seen in restaurants across the globe and the trend continues to rise in popularity. This design has the ability to have maximum effect when carried out by the top restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia. Why not see if this restaurant plan design will work for your space?

Communal Eating

Communal Eating Restaurant Design

Another great design trend that we are seeing more of in the region’s food industry is the Communal eating trend. This trend owes its popularity to the more social side of the new food movement. As larger numbers of people turn to food as a means of enjoyment, they are also seeking the social opportunities that come with it. That is to say that they are not only enjoying food, but they are doing so with other diners.

Communal eating sees large groups of people sat together whether they know each other or not. This allows diners to meet other people and all enjoy the dining experience together. This design idea plays on a greater group atmosphere where dining is no longer something you do by yourself. A more open restaurant design will lend itself perfectly to this type of layout, as will large or long tables with a lot of seating.

Ambient Lighting

Gramercy Restaurant Design

The lighting used within any restaurant is one of the most important aspects used to create that all-important atmosphere that restaurant owner’s desire. There are few parts of the design plan that are more beneficial that the use of great and particularly ambient lighting. The right lighting can have amazing effects no matter what type of space your restaurant utilises. The fact does remain, however, that the best effects are only possible when you hire an expert restaurant design company.

You can of course try to do it yourself, but the knowledge and expertise of the market’s leaders can provide you restaurant consulting services with far more scopes and options. There is no substitute for the visions and skills that only professionals will be able to offer.

Photo-Friendly Décor


The use of social media has created a whole new importance for the visual of any restaurant’s design. This ranges from the restaurant frontage design right through to the presentation of the tables. With the rapid rise of diners who regularly photograph their food and the places that they dine in, restaurants have been maximising their use of aesthetic. There are so many ways that you can make your restaurant stand out visually, however, choosing the right theme to suit each particular restaurant can be a much harder task. That’s why it is important to hire the professionals.

The photo-friendly design approach may include retro styling and one-off design features. There may be aspects of your existing space that can be utilised to great effect with just the simplest touches, or design elements that can be added to totally transform your restaurant. The best way to explore the photo-friendly possibilities within your new design is to look for a restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia or wherever country you are in.

These are just some of the restaurant interior design ideas that are currently trending across Saudi Arabia and the surrounding regions. Why not check out the rest of the restaurant design trends of 2018?

Why should I hire a restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia for my F&B business?

There are a number of people who believe that interior design for restaurants is not that difficult. Those people might even go as far as to think that they can do it themselves. While we do not doubt the creativity and capabilities of any restaurant owner, the truth is that the outcome will not be anywhere near as it can be when carried out by professional restaurant consultants and interior designers in Saudi Arabia.

Restaurant design companies have their own interior designers who have decades of experiences and skills that you can rely on. While you may think you know best what you want for your restaurant, they will know best whether that particular type of design will work for your space and how to make it work effectively for your desired concept. They also have a wide connection so will be able to get you the best prices for products and installation services. Their restaurant design and industry knowledge will prove to be the most valuable thing that you gain from hiring a restaurant design company.

Tips you will only get from the professionals

There are a number of tips that you can only get by hiring a professional to design your interior space. Here are some of the helpful insights:

• Demolition does not have to be the answer

For many people who are planning a new design for their restaurant, the idea of demolition seems to go hand in hand. It is widely believed that in order to transform a space, there is the need to remove walls or make other drastic changes to the shape of the space. This simply is not true. The professionals will be able to use their industry knowledge and years of experience to help you achieve the same level of transformation without the need for it.

See what wonders can be achieved within your space by hiring a restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia to develop instead of demolish.

Recycle and Re-use

While many of those who decide to undertake their design process on their own tend to re-use materials and recycle as best they can, hiring the professionals will allow you to see what really is possible. The idea of re-using and recycling materials is not only cost effective but it is also a sustainable and green means of design. When carried out properly, it can also lead to your restaurant benefiting from the style aspects that up-cycling and using recycled materials can give.

Hospitality companies in Saudi Arabia are already getting the most out of their restaurant’s design by re-using and recycling old materials and fixtures.

Lighting is key

Surely, one of the best ways to transform a space with minimal input or cost is by upgrading or changing the lighting. There are those who would choose to believe that this is as simple as picking some pretty light fittings and having them installed but there is far more to it than that. A professional interior designer will have the knowledge and expertise to know the type of lighting that will work best in giving you exactly the effect that you require. Lighting is a key component of any comfortable or interesting atmosphere and can highlight otherwise unnoticed features within your restaurant space.

To get the most from your restaurant’s lighting, why not hire a professional restaurant design company and let them show you how amazing your space can be?

What are the qualities of the best restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia?

When you are looking for a restaurant design company, you do not want to just go with the first one you find; you will want to hire one of the best in the region. Only a true market leading design company will be able to offer you the best rates for services and products as well as the industry knowledge needed to ensure the absolute best design for your restaurant business. But what are the qualities held by the best restaurant design company in Saudi Arabia?


There is little that can substitute for decades of experience. Professionals will be relying on those years of experience when planning, designing and carrying out fit-outs. Experience also allows the professional designer to know what is and is not possible within any space.


When you choose to hire one of the best restaurant design companies to take on your project, you will benefit greatly from their professionalism. The professionalism of a design company will be represented in what you get for your money as well as the quality of the overall finishes. Their professionalism will also be reflected in the way and how often they communicate.

Tried and trusted

The best restaurant design companies have earned their place at the top of the market by providing great services. These top design companies have been tried and tested by leading restaurants in the region and are known and more importantly, trusted to get the best out of your design plan. This means that they can be trusted to take you through the entire design and fit-out process


Whenever a restaurant is undergoing a new design, what could affect the outcome more than the efficiency of the design company or interior designer? After all, the longer that it takes to carry out the design process the more money is spent. If the design plan was executed efficiently, then a great cost could be saved and far fewer disruptions would take place for the business. Choosing a top design company will ensure an efficient design process from start to completion.

What to consider before and after choosing a designer for your restaurant.

Once you have chosen your leading design company to design your restaurant, there are several things that you will need to consider. Making sure that you talk about and focus on these things at an early stage in the design will not only avoid any disappointment at the latter end, but will allow for the best and most efficient design process.

Operations Requirements

There needs to be a strong emphasis placed on the way in which your new design will work for what is after all a working environment. While some types of design project do not need to take this into account, the restaurant design must have in mind the customers as well as the staff. If the operation requirements of the restaurant are considered from the outset, then there is much more opportunity for the design to work on all levels.

Overall Theme or Look

When beginning the design process, you will need to talk about the overall theme or the aesthetic look of your restaurant’s new design. This will in effect be the central focus of any successful design project. But just remember to be mindful of how that look and what atmosphere will be created by the aesthetics. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice your customers’ or even your employees’ comfort just to create a design that you feel is unique and nice. Again, a good design company should be able to tell you if your desired design concept works and not.

Glee Hospitality – Your Restaurant Design Company in Saudi Arabia

Now that you know how important it is to hire a restaurant design company in the country, get in contact with us and see what we can do for you.

Glee is able to help in the conceptualisation of your interior design to ensure that your restaurant has an exuberance of beauty. We understand the importance of interior design as the first factor that affects customer experience even before they touch their food. That’s why, we aim to offer your customers not just something accommodating and functional, but appealing too. Investing in the F&B concept is important for any hospitality entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the hospitality industry. During the concept development phase, Glee will be able to present the designs using 3D visuals which we can eventually turn into reality. Glee has the industry knowledge and the experience to deliver exceptional interior design concepts.

And when we design restaurant spaces, whether interior or exterior, we always consider kitchen design as one of the most important aspects of the overall plan. It is paramount that they are effective and efficient working areas, and do not serve as a hindrance for the employees. Glee will help create the perfect design for your kitchen based on the menu selected, then we will source the items and coordinate the installation.

Contact Glee today to find out just how effective your restaurant design can be when you hire the best in the region.