Restaurant Consulting Company on the Food Service Trends of 2019

by Glee Hospitality on May 16, 2019
Restaurant Food Service Industry Trends 2019 - Image of customers in the restaurant
2019 has presented us with a fresh set of trends that will set apart the best of restaurants from the rest. As a restaurant consulting company in the Middle East, we share with you what is hot in the Food Service industry this year.

13 Restaurant Concept Development Success Stories

by Glee Hospitality on March 6, 2019
Spheerz Restaurant Concept
An ideal restaurant concept is key to the flourishing of your restaurant or hospitality business. It will help you attract plenty of new customers while keeping the regular ones coming. Expressed in the menu design, style of service, interior décor and even the type of targeted customers, the right concept promises a boost in profits all year long.

6 Steps to Efficient Restaurant Operations

by Glee Hospitality on February 6, 2019
restaurant consultant in Dubai
We all have heard about the gloomy success rate of restaurants around the world. While most people will marvel at the statistics of failed restaurants, they also do not understand…

How a Restaurant Management Company can Save Your Failing F&B business

by Glee Hospitality on December 19, 2018
Auditing Restaurant Food - Management Company
Many business owners do not get to see the second year of a successful enterprise. With the right restaurant management company, however, you can save your business from being among the high number of unsuccessful businesses.

Restaurant Design Company – Do You Really Need to Hire One?

by Glee Hospitality on October 7, 2018
restaurant consulting services for Molten
Why is restaurant interior design important? Interior design is not merely about the way your interior looks, or what textiles and colour palettes you use in your design. It is…

Top Strategies in Franchise Brand Development

by Glee Hospitality on September 20, 2018
Jones Grocer Franchise Brand
Building a brand that captures the enthusiasm of consumers and creating a perfect blend of autonomous franchise brand development plus strategic management can be an uphill task, especially when you’re…

Hospitality Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

by Glee Hospitality on September 9, 2018
Glee Hospitality Solutions Team Meeting
According to a 2018 report by Arabian Travel Market, the Saudi Arabian hospitality sector is slated to grow at a rate of 13.5% compound annual growth rate each year to…

Glee’s F&B Projects Bagging Hospitality Awards Nominations

by Glee Hospitality on August 8, 2018
Glee Hospitality Awards Blog Cover
Hospitality Awards in the Middle East Over the years, the hospitality industry in the Middle East have changed and is constantly changing. New hospitality brands are being introduced in the…

The Roost – Nominee – Restaurant of the Year – Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards

by Glee Hospitality on July 15, 2018
Glee Hospitality has been the brains behind the original concept of The Roost, Dubai. Concept development, location selection, execution, pre-post services, staff selection, and operations management, Glee Hospitality has provided…

Kishmish: Restaurant Concept Development Project by Glee Hospitality

by Glee Hospitality on July 9, 2018
Kishmish Interior Design
Kishmish: Where it all began The idea behind this brave and wonderful new restaurant venture was a simple one; take good Afghani food from the dinner tables of Afghanistan to…