Green and Clean: The non-processed food trend

by Glee Hospitality on October 3, 2021
healthy food concept
With more consumers focusing on their health, favoring “clean” eating over processed options, F&B operators are having to adapt their product lines. Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director of Glee Hospitality, discusses…

The Case for Franchising

by Glee Hospitality on August 9, 2021
restaurant setup interior
Hospitality franchising has quickly grown in popularity because it offers benefits to both parties. Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director of Glee Hospitality, weighs up the pros and cons of franchising.…

Glee Hospitality Solutions partners with FoodRazor

by Glee Hospitality on May 24, 2021
Glee Hospitality Solutions has partnered with global cloud-based invoice management and food cost tracking platform, FoodRazor. Designed to bring greater profitability to its clients via innovative data analysis software practices,…

Steering your career: Continuous Learning

by Glee Hospitality on May 24, 2021
It is often said that personal and professional growth comes from learning new skills. Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director of Glee Hospitality, discusses continuing education and its impact on employee…

All eyes on 2021

by Glee Hospitality on February 25, 2021
all eyes in 2021

The State of Specialty Coffee in the UAE

by Glee Hospitality on January 16, 2021
Natalya Latypova, Director of projects and F&B Consultant of GLEE Hospitality Solutions LLC, explores the growing trend of specialty coffee in the UAE. Specialty coffee has garnered a great market…

Hospitality: 2021 Expectations and Outlook

by Glee Hospitality on January 14, 2021
our CEO / Founder
Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 forced countless companies around the world to rethink their strategies and adapt to new norms. With this in mind, our CEO / Founder,…

What Do Hospitality Consultants Do?

by Glee Hospitality on October 19, 2020
Restaurant Packed with Customers - Top View
By its nature, hospitality is a very broad industry that covers all businesses and roles wherein interaction occurs between staff and visitors. This might be in a hotel, a museum, or in a cafe; there are countless areas that call for hospitality services, but for the sake of convenience, we will narrow our focus onto hospitality consultancy for restaurants within this article.

Investment Update: Hotels, Restaurants and New Hotel Projects

by Glee Hospitality on September 21, 2020
It’s been a tough time for investors. Abdul Kader Saadi, managing director and owner of Glee Hospitality Solutions, talks about the challenges facing new projects and those signed pre COVID-19.…

Pros and Cons of Dark Kitchens (a Popular Trend in this Pandemic)

by Glee Hospitality on September 16, 2020
Delivery Bike - Glee Blog Cover
While we prize the freshness of food and comfortable ambience of our dine-in experiences, deliveries have become an incredibly important and lucrative service. As customers continue to shelter from the risk of the virus, online solutions pop up constantly to keep life running as near to normal as it can, and one such solution has been dark kitchens.
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