We have to be positive

by Glee Hospitality on September 10, 2020
Abdul Kader Saadi
“We have to be positive to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” states Abdul Kader Saadi, founder & managing director, Glee Hospitality Solutions, which is celebrating its…

Glee Hospitality: Providing the ingredients for a successful F&B business

by Glee Hospitality on May 26, 2020
our CEO / Founder
Abdul Kader Saadi, Managing Director, Glee Hospitality Solutions, takes us through the brand’s service portfolio and its growth story as a premium consultant for F&B businesses in the UAE and…

What’s On The Menu: The Latest UAE Dinning Trends

by Glee Hospitality on May 21, 2020
food menu
From the vegan craze to world-food influences, the factors impacting international menu trends are both wide-ranging and numerous. Natalya Latypova Director of Projects of Glee Hospitality Solutions, reviews and assesses…

How to Open a Restaurant in the Middle East?

by Glee Hospitality on February 26, 2020
Restaurant Kitchen - Image of 2 Chefs Working

Middle East Franchise Market Overview

by Glee Hospitality on February 14, 2020
In layman’s terms a franchise is essentially a person or a company that is given the license to run a business under a franchisor’s brand name. Based on mutual understanding,…

Glee Hospitality Solutions’ expansion into Saudi Arabia

by Glee Hospitality on December 12, 2019
restaurant concept
By: Abdul Kader Saadi, founder and managing director at Glee Hospitality. Glee Hospitality Solutions, a hospitality management and consultancy company, was established in Dubai, UAE in 2009. The company offers…

MENA F&B Market Overview

by Glee Hospitality on December 11, 2019
Abdul Kader Saadi
The MENA F&B market is in a continuous state of flux, with constant challenges emerging, and yet the number of opportunities ripe for tapping is on the rise for those…

11 Best Practices and Tips for Your Restaurant’s Cash Flow

by Glee Hospitality on December 9, 2019
Restaurant Cashflow Forecasting - Image of Glee Consultant and Restaurant Staff
As we approach the end of the year, many F&B businesses are already getting concerned about consistent cash flow issues. When it comes to keeping a business running, cash is king. When cash is poorly managed, the business will grind to a halt. Managing restaurant cash flow can be tricky, especially if you have some other demanding issues that you have to attend to. Here are some of the best practices and tips to solve your most challenging cash flow concerns.

Meet the Sponsors: Glee Hospitality Solutions

by Glee Hospitality on November 21, 2019
Abdul Kader Saadi
BNC Publishing and Hotel & Catering News Middle East’s The Big Food & Beverage Forum 2019 and The Leaders in F&B Awards 2019 will take place on Monday, November 18 at Sofitel Dubai…

10 “Good” Restaurant Strategies that Can Harm Your Business

by Glee Hospitality on November 17, 2019
Restaurant Strategies Cover Image - People in the Restaurant
Restaurant businesses come up with different strategies to reach their goals, get good ROI, footfall, etc, but somehow, things don’t seem to work out. This could be because they are making or overlooking some mistakes that are hurting the business. If you are new in this business, you need a restaurant strategy with specific goals and objectives that are customer-centred to drive revenue. Some strategies may seem good on the surface but they are not entirely profitable. Let’s have a look at these types of strategies.