Top 10 Profitable Lessons from Fast Food Chains

by Glee Hospitality on November 3, 2019
F&B Consultants Share Fast Food Chain Lessons Cover Image - Burger and Fries
Fast food chains are a common reference for F&B Consultants when they are giving success tips to start-ups or businesses. The food chains can teach your brand a few things about how to be successful in an economy that has cut-throat competition among businesses in the same industry.But why is the food chain industry booming?To succeed in the fast-moving industry, the mastery of a different set of parameters is required unlike those in the fine-dining sector. Clients in this industry are looking for predictability, affordability, convenience and speed rather than a memorable eating experience.

Common and Overlooked Mistakes Found During Restaurant Audits

by Glee Hospitality on September 19, 2019
Restaurant Audit-Optimise Restaurant Operations
Running a restaurant is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts that have to be working correctly and in sync to ensure the success of your restaurant.…

How Will F&B Businesses Benefit from the Dubai Expo 2020?

by Glee Hospitality on September 11, 2019
Dubai Expo 2020 Insight Cover - Image of Metro Line and Buildings
An expo is a world fair, where countries from all over the globe come together to showcase or share their innovations and ideas. The first World Expo, titled Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, was held in The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London in 1851. It is considered the first exhibition of manufactured products on a global scale, and it laid the foundation for all the World Expos held in the following years. In November 2013, Dubai was awarded the right to host the Dubai Expo 2020. It will be held in Dubai South District, near Al Maktoum International Airport.

Expert Guide in Creating a Profitable Restaurant Menu Design

by Glee Hospitality on September 5, 2019
Creating a Profitable Restaurant Menu Design - 2 Women Looking at the Menu
The menu is one of the best marketing tools that a restaurant has at its disposal. Yet this remains a secret of a few successful restaurants. When customers walk in, the menu is the first actual interaction they will have with your restaurant. Many establishments offer generic, fold-out menus with a simple list of the dishes that they serve. This may indeed save you some money on printing, but that's about the only favour such a menu will ever do you.

12 Restaurant Management Tips to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

by Glee Hospitality on August 20, 2019
Cover Image of a Staff at Roost - Restaurant Management Tips for Customer Satisfaction
The hospitality industry can be very fickle. You have to do everything right most of the time, or you or you may face bankruptcy and closure. This shouldn't discourage you though, for there are many restaurants in the Middle East region that have overcome the storm and have been reaping for years. You may be wondering what you would have to do for your restaurant to succeed. Well, for sure you've seen restaurants that were opened but barely lasted a year in business.

Perfect Recipe of a Successful Restaurant

by Glee Hospitality on July 21, 2019
Image of a Chef with Fire Pan - Perfect Recipe of a Successful Restaurant Cover
Just like any other business in various fields, the main reason for the existence of restaurants is to make a profit. The competition in the food and beverage industry in Saudi Arabia is cut-throat and you will need to be the absolute best to succeed easily. With years in the industry as a restaurant consulting firm in Saudi and other countries, we have garnered enough experience to share the following tips in making your restaurant successful.

What a Good Restaurant Design is NOT

by Glee Hospitality on July 16, 2019
Meshwari - Arabic fast casual restaurant - Interior Image
Restaurant interior design is a reflection of the restaurant's branding and vision. Establishments in the food and beverage industry compete with one another based on factors such as pricing and location. Considering every business places importance on these major factors, those that will be keen on their design will take the win.

Cost Control and Theft in the F&B Industry – What You Need to Know

by Glee Hospitality on July 9, 2019
Cost Control and Theft in F&B Industry Cover Image
It is estimated that many restaurants close about 5 years from their opening due to poor management and other factors. In the UAE, restaurant failures are not uncommon with an excess of restaurants announcing their closure every other week. Seeing as to how easy it is for restaurants to fail and close in the UAE, restaurant owners and managers have come up with the following ways to ensure the success of their restaurants.

Hospitality Consultancy in Dubai: How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business

by Glee Hospitality on May 30, 2019
Kishmish Staff and Glee Hospitality Consultancy in Dubai
A lot of people dream of owning and running a successful restaurant business in Dubai. After all, successful hospitality companies in the city are enjoying a steady flow of revenue every month, thanks to the continuous flow of diners and industry stability. While you might be dreaming of running your own successful restaurant in the near future, it is important to ask whether you have what it takes to actualise this dream.

Restaurant Management Consultant Tips: How to Run a Profitable Business

by Glee Hospitality on May 22, 2019
Three Mighty Quinn Staff Image - Restaurant Management Consultant Tips
Restaurants, like any other business, have the sole reason of making profits out of their customers’ needs. There are numerous resources that can help you learn how to run a profitable business. Restaurant management consulting firms in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, however, swear by the tips outlined in this blog article. These tips are behind the success of many restaurants in the region and can help you achieve the same with your restaurant.