Back of House
January 7, 2019
United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose:

The junior chef is responsible for the majority of duties and responsibilities of the Sous chef, such as inventory, kitchen staff management and food preparation.

Duties and responsibilities

• Will be responsible for working the front line and the handling specific stations as assigned by the superior Chef.
• The job description entails assisting in overseeing and directing all aspects of the operation of the kitchen and in providing functional assistance to the Sous chef primarily.
• Ensure proper productivity and high standards of food quality delivery.
• To ensure that regular on-the-job training is carried so that subordinate staff performs their duties effectively and efficiently.
• Observes workers engaged in preparing, portioning, and garnishing foods to ensure that methods of cooking are per standards.
• Responsible to maintain all standards set forth by Management and establishes the manner and means to train personnel according to standards operating procedures.
• To ensure a safe and constant food production according to daily needs of our guests as well as company expectations.
• Oversee all back-of-house operations and be responsible for food production and overall supervision of kitchen activity
• Maintain and contribute to a positive work environment.


Education: Equivalent education preferred or diploma in professional cookery.
Experience Required: Minimum four years serving experience required.

NOTE: Applicants may also send their CVs to