Front of House
Riyadh, KSA
  • Provide friendly, courteous and efficient service to all guests with making eye contact, smiling and maintaining proper posture.
  • Take orders and serve food and beverage items to customers in a timely, enthusiastic and professional manner.
  • Listen and respond to inquiries using a positive, clear speaking voice.
  • Maintain an extensive knowledge of the menu and offer suggestions of dishes in accordance to the guest’s preference.
  • Able to safely transport hot and liquid items to and from the bar and kitchen areas.
  • Maintain a clean Dining Room area.
  • Anticipate and service the guest’s needs before requests are made.
  • Follow proper time and attendance and uniform procedures.
  • Able to ascertain a guest’s satisfaction and handle any problems which may arise and informing a Manager of the problem and how it was resolved.

Due to the current covid scenario, this position requires someone who is currently in Riyadh, KSA.