What Do Hospitality Consultants Do?

by Glee Hospitality on October 19, 2020
By its nature, hospitality is a very broad industry that covers all businesses and roles wherein interaction occurs between staff and visitors. This might be in a hotel, a museum, or in a cafe; there are countless areas that call for hospitality services, but for the sake of convenience, we will narrow our focus onto hospitality consultancy for restaurants within this article.

Pros and Cons of Dark Kitchens (a Popular Trend in this Pandemic)

by Glee Hospitality on September 16, 2020
While we prize the freshness of food and comfortable ambience of our dine-in experiences, deliveries have become an incredibly important and lucrative service. As customers continue to shelter from the risk of the virus, online solutions pop up constantly to keep life running as near to normal as it can, and one such solution has been dark kitchens.

Perfect Recipe of a Successful Restaurant

by Glee Hospitality on July 21, 2019
Just like any other business in various fields, the main reason for the existence of restaurants is to make a profit. The competition in the food and beverage industry in Saudi Arabia is cut-throat and you will need to be the absolute best to succeed easily. With years in the industry as a restaurant consulting firm in Saudi and other countries, we have garnered enough experience to share the following tips in making your restaurant successful.

Hospitality Consultancy in Dubai: How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business

by Glee Hospitality on May 30, 2019
A lot of people dream of owning and running a successful restaurant business in Dubai. After all, successful hospitality companies in the city are enjoying a steady flow of revenue every month, thanks to the continuous flow of diners and industry stability. While you might be dreaming of running your own successful restaurant in the near future, it is important to ask whether you have what it takes to actualise this dream.

6 Steps to Efficient Restaurant Operations

by Glee Hospitality on February 6, 2019
While most people will marvel at the statistics of failed restaurants, they also do not understand the reasons why restaurants fail a lot. You may decide to change your staff or even improve your interior décor. But, did you know that the failure to have efficient restaurant operations may be the problem? Have you ever sat back and thought of improving your restaurant operations? If you are like most managers, this will often be your last resort.

Hospitality Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

by Glee Hospitality on September 9, 2018
According to a 2018 report by Arabian Travel Market, the Saudi Arabian hospitality sector is slated to grow at a rate of 13.5% compound annual growth rate each year to 2022. Restaurateurs looking to set up their businesses can therefore do so with confidence with the market showing promising prospects. However, this may not be the case with every new restaurant and hotel business.

9 Ways Restaurant Consulting Services Can Help Your Start-up Brand

by Glee Hospitality on May 28, 2018
Restaurant Consulting Services In the winding world of F&B, there has never been a more exciting time than today. Food culture all over the world is seeing an all-time high…

Top 25 Restaurant Design Trends [Updated 2019]

by Glee Hospitality on May 7, 2018
The restaurant design is and always has been a key part for restaurateurs to allow those food lovers to have a better culinary experience. The year 2018 has seen a rapid rise in the popularity of food culture all over the world.