Slab over a slice

Slab over a slice

A little or a lot? That is the question that is seemingly being answered fervently by the new restaurant on everyone’s lips – SLAB.

When you are contemplating what to eat, do you think about the portion sizes? Surely the better pieces of cuisine consist of slabs. Well this was the beginning of what would eventually become a minor food revolution. A revolution taking place on the tables of one Dubai restaurant where taste takes the stage and dances alongside the aesthetic in order to deliver on a promise of an absolutely amazing dining experience. Thanks to the amazing F&B concept development given to SLAB’s creators by Glee Hospitality, SLAB has become a definite brand to look out for and one to watch for in the years to come.


The F&B concept design meant that with a casual yet detailed approach to service, SLAB makes the dining experience fun and interesting at every turn and with each new dish that they present. The space works with a similar simplicity to the menu. An open kitchen and chef table seating have helped to create a direct line from the chef to the diner. Much like the way that the menu on offer here creates a direct line from farm to table.

With food as fresh as this and a service and ethos that is fresher still, it is no wonder that these guys prefer a SLAB over a slice. And also goes some way towards explaining why SLAB has been nominated for Best restaurant concept within the UAE recently.

From strength to strength

In an industry that is growing as rapidly as the UAE restaurant industry, great F&B concepts  are not merely a good idea but they are a near-necessity if you want to continue to be successful long after first opening your doors. Of the F&B consultants Dubai has on offer today, there are not many that are as skilled and as experienced in all elements of hospitality, from design to management, than Glee Hospitality Solutions. This made them an easy choice for the creators of the SLAB brand.


SLAB began life as a strong idea with a passion, following behind it in the form of Faid Al Said who has travelled all over the world in search of great cuisines and food ideas. He was the visionary behind the brand who reached out to top chef Omar Rodriguez to get him involved in the process. But loving food to a passionate extent and travelling the world in search of it were not enough for the people behind the brand. They wanted to use the help of well-known F&B design consultants to allow them to bring this passion to the plate.

If the beginning is a great idea and a passionate following, then the next logical step is to get the help needed to make these dreams an actuality. That is what the creators of SLAB did. While looking for restaurant consultants in the UAE, the minds behind the SLAB brand turned to Glee Hospitality who over the last 9 or so years have successfully launched over 50 plus F&B concepts as well as unveiling over 70 outlets across the region.

This was a smart move as there was still a long way to go before the idea became a far more tangible thing and SLAB was able to offer the level of dining experience that they are now able to offer. When their chosen partner among the food and beverage consultants in Dubai first became involved in the realisation of the SLAB brand’s dream, they were very aware of the pit falls that are faced by new restaurants in the UAE. Since 2009, Glee has helped a very large number of restaurants realise their concepts and take F&B concept design to a whole new level before opening their doors to the public for the first time.

Fresh foods and fresher F&B design concepts

Ultimately, it is the whole entire dining experience that wins diners over and that is why when you have great ingredients that combine to become greater dishes, it is still ever so important to keep focus on F&B concept development. The food will only be appreciated as well as it can be as long as the service and concept are as fresh as the produce used in the kitchen. SLAB is an excellent example of this theory in practice.


The close relationship between SLAB’s creators and Glee Hospitality during the design and planning phase has led to an unshakeable and solid footing built of great F&B design concepts and vision. A vision of a new way to make, present, serve and enjoy foods from all over the world. There are few things that come across to the diner as strongly as when design, development and execution all join forces with a main focus of better allowing the food to be enjoyed.

The open plan kitchen and seating restaurant allows diners to choose from a menu of sandwiches like no other, mouthwatering mains and tartines to die for. The way that the food is presented here at SLAB is as ingenious and eye opening as it is delicious. Though the food may be beautifully presented, SLAB is fervently trying to move away from the current craze of making food “just for Instagram”. They offer themselves as back to basics kind of restaurant with honest, good food instead of the usual overplayed menu but lacks content. Because the food was so good, there was a distinct need for the F&B consultants that were brought in to help with concept design to create a space and service strategy that aided the enjoyment of all that was on offer here.

Glee Hospitality consultants has a dependable network of service providers as well as over three decades of experience within its team of industry experts. All of this made it possible to realise the SLAB brand’s dream and allow them to open their doors knowing that the service and menu on offer would not be overshadowed by other aspects of the restaurant.

SLAB delivers most where it counts – everywhere

Hospitality consultancy in Dubai has, in the last decade or so, allowed new and upcoming restaurants to capitalise on their strengths and in doing so, those restaurants that had great Hospitality consultants were able to open strong and rise to great success. The use of F&B concept design has become a predominant part of seeking success as a restaurant owner or manager. This is because it allows each department or specialist to focus on making sure they get the best from each chosen area. The chef focuses on food and the diner on their plate, the service is amazing and the atmosphere thrives.


This is what SLAB has managed to profit from. There are signs of this positive relationship between design and idea littered across every dish, and it is reflected in the smiles of their diners. The flowers that bring that extra layer of beauty to a dish that is almost unsurpassed in the use of full flavor, is similar to the way that Glee Hospitality has used the foundation of a passionate team and amazing menu, and gently placed unique and innovative F&B design concepts across the restaurant to ensure that no part is presented without the support of the others.

SLAB is a restaurant that really works well and lets the diner taste the passion as well as the immense distances travelled by its creators to find tastes and flavour like no other. With the expert help of Glee Hospitality Consultants, another great brand has been born and brought forward for the diners of the world. Be sure to try out all the wonders that SLAB has to offer.

If you decide to take your F&B Concept Design to reality, call Glee today at +971 4 450 3775.