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Glee Hospitality Awards Blog Cover

Hospitality Awards in the Middle East

Over the years, the hospitality industry in the Middle East have changed and is constantly changing. New hospitality brands are being introduced in the market, and lately, there has been a shift of interest from 5-star hotels to boutique ones, and from well-known restaurants to new yet unique eateries. This, however, raise new questions amongst diners and guests. Who do you trust?

Luckily for the people wanting to know where to stay or dine in the Middle East, there is now an easy way to find out who tops the list; that is through the various Restaurant and Hospitality Awards in the region. Awards have always been a sure-fire way of finding out what hospitality brands are the best and in which categories. They celebrate the best F&B concepts and customer experience. And because awards are never given lightly, they are a dependable and trusted way of measuring the reliability of any hospitality brand.


Now, people are realising how these awards could help to boost the different hospitality brands in the region. Restaurant and hospitality brands could gain more clients and customers on top of the well-deserved recognition as a result of winning or even being nominated in one of these coveted awards.

Upcoming Hospitality Award Events

In order for an award to be considered worth-winning, it needs to have been given by a top award giving body. These are the award giving bodies that have proven their reputation throughout the years. Winning or being nominated in one of these will be able to boost your brand. If you would like to celebrate the best that the Middle East’s Hospitality Industry has to offer, then why not attend one of these award events:

Middle East Hospitality Awards

Held on the first day of The Hotel Show Dubai, the Middle East Hospitality awards 2018 is one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the industry. These awards which are judged over 18 categories are used to recognise and celebrate the most outstanding people and brands in the hospitality industry. Receiving even a nomination for these awards means that a brand has beaten off competition to become one of the best in its field. The Middle East Hospitality Awards 2018 awarding ceremony will take place on Sunday, 16th September 2018 and will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Finance Centre.

Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards

This award-giving body has more of a focus on the ‘skill, creativity, ingenuity and success in the Middle East’s growing hospitality trade’. The Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards choose from over 1000 entries to find the best in each category. Based on the results of online voting, these awards are judged by popular choice. Award categories include: Best Hotels, Resorts and Apartments, Best Restaurants, Best Spas and Fitness, Best Facilities Management Companies and Department Nominees of the year. This award ceremony will take place on Monday, 26th November 2018. It will be held at the brand new Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) at Mina Rashid, Dubai.

BBC Good Food Middle East Awards

These awards are the only ones in the region that are judged and given out purely on the merit of customer approval. Being based on what customers themselves think makes these awards amongst the hardest earned. Running for nine years now, the ‘BBC Good Food Middle East Awards help to set new benchmarks and push new boundaries across the F&B industry throughout the region’. This award is where the customers themselves are able to vote for the chefs, restaurants or even dishes that they consider award winning. BBC Good Food Middle East Awards 2018 will take place on Tuesday 27th November, 2018. It will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Finance Centre.
Be sure to stay tuned to see who this year’s winners are.

2018 Hospitality Awards in the Middle East: Meet some of the Nominees

Amongst those who are topping the F&B industry in the Middle East in 2018 are the nominees. Although they have not won yet, simply being nominated already shows them as front runners in the industry. It means that these brands and the F&B Design Consultants behind the brands have proved themselves worthy enough to be considered some of the best.

Nominated for the BBC Good Food Middle East Awards

SLAB Food Image

SLAB in La Mer

This brand is an excellent example of F&B Concept Design executed to perfection. This exciting brand has turned heads within the industry since it first opened its doors. The idea of re-thinking the whole way in which food is served allowed the creators of SLAB to use fresh ingredients in a new way. The passion of the brand is represented not just in the food but also the way in which the food and beverage consultants utilised the design for the project. Read more about SLAB and how Glee helped the brand in their concept design, earning them their nomination at BBC Good Food Middle East Awards for the Best Restaurant Concept category.

Kishmish Food Image

Kishmish in Dar Al Wasl

Already considered as one of the ‘hottest new restaurants in Dubai’, Kishmish has from its launch shown what can be achieved when Hospitality Consultants and strong brand identity come together. The fresh ideas and innovative concepts that have gone into Kishmish have seen the brand go from strength to strength. The restaurant which is best known for bringing authentic Afghani food to Dubai diners is now nominated for a BBC Good Food Middle East Award. You can find out more about Kishmish and their restaurant concept here.


Nominated for the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards

The Roost Restaurant Interior Design

The Roost – Restaurant of the Year

Nominated in the Healthy Eating category, The Roost Rotisserie has been on the lips of many since bringing chicken back to the menu in a big way. The health conscious cooking practices and ‘fresh from the earth’ foods on offer at The Roost are just part of their success. By utilising one of the best F&B consultants in Dubai has to do everything from selecting the location to operations management, The Roost put itself on a fast track to success. To see how The Roost rose to become a nominee for the Restaurant of the Year category, you can read more here.

Chef Zayn – The Executive Chef of the Year

Reintroducing something as common-place as chicken is no easy task. That is precisely what Chef Zayn at The Roost has managed to help accomplish. As the Executive Chef at The Roost, he has brought the beauty of fresh and fine dining flavours to the restaurant’s door. His nomination then for the Executive Chef of the Year is very well-earned.

What do all the nominees have in common?

All four of the nominees mentioned above have earned their place by standing out from the rapidly growing crowd. They have all proved themselves and are fast becoming solid successes in an industry that sees many new brand struggle. But this is not all that they have in common. All of these nominations are a direct result of great concept design, excellent management and expertise provided by Glee Hospitality. As one of the leading restaurant consultants in the UAE, Glee Hospitality used their industry knowledge to help make these brands what they are today.

Glee Hospitality Solutions Team Meeting

Glee Hospitality is the leading hospitality management and consultancy company across the region. This is because Glee offers a wide range of services from concept design and staff selection, all the way through to operations management. Offering 360-degree turnkey solutions in restaurant management has put Glee above the rest. Their skill in concept development and vast industry experience has meant that projects executed and managed by Glee Hospitality have and will continue to be recognised in different hospitality awards for years to come.

Award Sponsors

Glee Hospitality are not merely involved with projects that are nominated for awards, they also sponsor some. As the leading hospitality management and consultancy company in the UAE, Glee Hospitality is very well suited as award sponsors as well as winners. This year they will be the category sponsor for the Leaders in Hospitality Awards Saudi Arabia.

Leaders in Hospitality Awards 2018 Saudi Arabia Logo

The Leaders in Hospitality Awards Saudi Arabia

These awards which are due to take place in Riyadh in October 2018 are open to Independent F&B Concepts as well as Hotels. The awards are meant to ‘celebrate excellence and innovation in the hospitality industry throughout Saudi Arabia’. If you would like to know more about the Leaders in Hospitality Awards, read here.

Award Winning Hospitality Solutions

These are just some of the projects that Glee has helped to succeed. Having launched over 50 F&B concepts and unveiled over 70 outlets in the region, Glee Hospitality has become true leaders in the field. With their vision and dedication, it is easy to see why they are the smart choice for any brand wanting to succeed in the Middle East’s hospitality industry. Contact Glee Hospitality today for award winning hospitality solutions and concept development.