Glee Hospitality Solutions Team Meeting
Glee Hospitality Solutions Team Meeting

According to a 2018 report by Arabian Travel Market, the Saudi Arabian hospitality sector is slated to grow at a rate of 13.5% compound annual growth rate each year to 2022. Restaurateurs looking to set up their businesses can therefore do so with confidence with the market showing promising prospects. However, this may not be the case with every new restaurant and hotel business. Restaurateurs that are not savvy about the demographics of the GCC’s market or who don’t know how to traverse it, stand to lose the most. Taking this into consideration, for restaurateurs and hoteliers to have a successful business, they need to have professionals who have extensive experience in this sector as well as skills in setting up successful restaurant and hotel businesses.

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To that end, hospitality consultancy in Saudi Arabia not only becomes a necessary service to employ but a must have one. The Saudi Arabian market, and the Middle East in general, is a very diverse one. Hoteliers and restaurateurs need professional hospitality consultants to help them set up their businesses.

The work of restaurant consultants in Saudi Arabia is to provide advice in setting up the restaurant on matters around location, menu generation, décor, hotel design, marketing strategies, exit strategies, and many more that the restaurant itself can’t handle alone. They bring to the table a wealth of experience and a wide scope of knowledge having been involved in a plethora of businesses’ growth curves.

Who needs Hospitality Consultancy in Saudi Arabia?

Basically, as long as you are an aspiring hotel owner or you already own a hotel, then employing hospitality consultancy services in Saudi Arabia is your best bet in conquering the industry. Here is a list of the people who need these services.

1. Budding hospitality businesses

When starting up your hotel business in Saudi Arabia, you need someone who’s already been there, seen that, and done that. You need a guiding hand to guide you in traversing the complex market. Hoteliers and restaurateurs who are new in the market have a low success rate when they do not have experienced professionals to help with their business. Hospitality management companies in Saudi Arabia will guide and set you on a success trajectory. Their networks in the Kingdom can help you set up relationships and to find competitive suppliers of various commodities needed to see the hotel succeed.

2. Failing Restaurants and hotels

Hospitality companies in Saudi that are on a downward trajectory are a perfect candidate for hospitality consultancy services. Incurring losses, losing employees, customer complaints, and poor service delivery are all signs of a failing hospitality business. When suppliers start defaulting because of late payments, then the business is set to fail. To subvert this, bringing in hospitality consultants is a must.

3. Ambitious hotel owners

Ambitious hoteliers and restaurateurs who want to see their business grow massively fall in this category too as hospitality consultancy services in Saudi Arabia can offer just that. Their extensive experience and knowledge about the market places them right in the middle of the success equation. They have skilled and professional individuals who know the ins and outs of the hospitality sector. They understand what the market needs and how to cater for these needs.

4. Established hotels and restaurants

Finally, established hospitality companies in Saudi can also benefit from hospitality consultancy. Being established doesn’t mean you have exhausted all opportunities and grown maximally. Hospitality consultants can stretch your growth even more on things that might have been overlooked. For instance, they can help tap into newer markets, help strategize future product concepts. Even more so, the hospitality and restaurant consultants have deep networks in the Saudi markets and can open newer opportunities for the business and help maintain your growth.

What do hospitality management companies in Saudi Offer?

With a 13.5% compound annual growth rate, the hospitality industry becomes one of the most lucrative industries in Saudi. However, this does not translate to any business out there. Only the ones with the zeal, the skills, the network, and the right minds to traverse the market stand a chance. The industry can be a tough nut to break especially when you’re new.

Hiring the restaurant consultant services becomes a best bet if you want to reap the full fruits of this industry. F&B consultants can make or break your business. It’s how you select the hospitality consultancy of your choice that determines how you will reap these fruits. So what do they offer to ensure success becomes your portion?

1. Branding

Branding is a crucial and important aspect for any business. It tells consumers what your business is all about and why they should buy from your business. It sets you apart from your competition and gives you a competitive edge if done correctly. It’s the image that your company portrays out there. Professional consulting services are able to come up with exemplary brand strategies that guarantee positive brand outlook as well as attracting customers. Especially in the early stages, branding can make or break your business.

2. Concept Development

Some hospitality consultants have been in the industry for long periods and they, therefore, have knowledge about the markets, customer behavior, trends, and solutions to various problems. They can help your business come up with attractive product concepts. This will help you create products that resonate with your consumers as well as guarantee you success. Even more so, they advise on product marketing, design and strategies to penetrate even the deepest uncharted markets, thus increasing your foothold.

3. Growth Strategies

Any hotelier or restaurateur will tell you that setting up a restaurant or hotel is not their end goal. They want to see the business flourish and grow beyond their expectations. With hospitality consultancy services in Saudi, they can come up with strategies to help grow the business exponentially given their knowledge on the market trends and consumer behavior.

4. Exit strategies

Setting up hospitality companies in Saudi is not a walk in the park. It comes with a myriad of challenges, some of which, if left unsolved, can be detrimental to your business. In other cases, it becomes imminent that the business will not sprout up and succeed. In such cases, you need to exit the market strategically without hurting yourself financially. Such scenarios call for professional restaurant consulting firms that have extensive experience to provide you with exit strategies. They will raise the alarm when the business seems to fail and offer you strategies to exit the market without causing ripples, saving you from incurring losses.

5. Social media and public relations

For any business, public relations is an important aspect in ensuring your business maintains a good rapport with both consumers and authorities. As stated, hospitality consultants have knowledge about consumer preferences and market trends. They can therefore help with building positive images with different social media strategies that resonate with consumers and utilize the mass media to put the message across. This is a recipe for success.

6. Staff recruitment and training

For the hospitality industry which is mainly a human-driven service sector, management and recruitment of staff becomes very valuable for any hospitality company. Your staff can help your brand establish a good image or do just the exact opposite. They run the business and are the front-liners of your business. If consumers complain about poor services, it has to do with your staff. Restaurant consultants can also provide staff recruitment and training ensuring that you get the best staff in your hospitality or F&B business. They also offer training for staff to equip them with skills and align them with the market trends.

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7. Menu Development or Refreshment

Another recipe for successful hospitality companies is well-developed menu and refreshment as well as recreational services. F&B consultants ensure that your hotel or restaurant matches up to consumer demands and trends. This way, you can always be ahead of competition and establish your foothold as an industry leader. Even more so, consumers gravitate towards a business that caters for their needs specifically.

8. Financial Systems & Accounting

Keeping financial records and having efficient financial systems in any business is necessary for it to be able to plan ahead and make financial decisions. Hospitality management companies have products and services to help you in maintaining your financial records and in planning your financial expenditure. This way, you can be able to focus on implementing your ideas and strategies without worrying about the financial aspect, which will be well taken care of.

9. Restaurant Design

The design of your restaurant or hotel can benefit from hospitality consultancy. They have knowledge on market, design trends and their extensive experience enables them to come up with ideas that will give your business a competitive edge. They will guide you on how to utilize your space, how to arrange the interior as well as the décor, maximizing on the incentive of the appearance to give good customer experiences. Most hotel goers want to be in a hotel that looks exquisite and refreshing, and that’s what hospitality consultants will help you achieve.

Why hiring hospitality consultancy company in Saudi Arabia guarantees success for hotels and restaurants

1. They’re experienced

Companies offering hospitality consultancy in Saudi Arabia are well versed on the industry intricacies and therefore know where the shoe hurts the most. They have been there, seen that and done that. They have catered for various hotel and restaurant owners and can transfer their knowledge to your business. They know what the market needs, they know the consumer preferences, and can predict what to expect in the future. They can help set you up for a success trajectory given a chance. If you’re a new business, experience is what you lack most, and you can get just that with hospitality consultants.

2. Teamwork

When you hire an individual consultant, you’re most likely going to miss out on important aspects and services that hiring restaurant consultant companies can provide. They have different talent pools that specialize on various aspect of the business to come up with an overall strategy for the success of your business. Different talents contribute different ideas, brainstorm and pick up the best ones that suit the business. You’re guaranteed of not only one, or two minds, but a large team working towards a common goal. This way, your business benefits in all fronts.

3. Network

Saudi Arabia is a large and extensive market. It’s diverse with different market trends and demands. Companies offering hospitality consultancy in Saudi Arabia have built up networks over the years that can prove beneficial to your hospitality company. They can help you secure the best suppliers at competitive prices, direct you to the best manufacturers, and help you in acquiring licenses from government and establishing relationships with different key stakeholders in the industry.

4. Knowledge about the market

Hospitality consultants have mastered the market trends, know the ins and outs of the Saudi Arabian market, and bring to the table strategies to tap these opportunities. Having the right hospitality consultancy company will help you align your business to the market needs, setting you up on a trajectory to success.

Why Glee is the best hospitality consultancy company in Saudi Arabia

Glee Hospitality Solutions Team Meeting

Glee Hospitality Solutions has more than 8 years of experience and has established itself as a leading hospitality consultancy in Saudi Arabia. They offer end-to-end solutions and proven expertise in restaurant concept development, and restaurant management of outlets across the wider Gulf. They are experts in providing full turnkey solutions covering the entire spectrum of hospitality industry.

With Glee, you can be certain that your restaurant company in Saudi stand a chance to grow and succeed. They have a team of professional consultants all with experience in the hotelier industry. Their skills and knowledge supersede other consultants and their ability to work as a team guarantees you solutions and ideas to deal with major challenges.

Their wide network in the gulf market also creates a precedence for success as they know where to pinch and where to soothe to give your hotel and restaurant business the success it deserves. They are pioneers in developing homegrown restaurant concepts and products matching the market demands and consumer preferences. Some brands they have worked on include Harry’s Pizza in Riyadh and Fushi in Khobar for their operational and franchise manuals, Rice Creamery Franchise, Al Bao for their food truck concept development and TAMU in Jeddah for their chocolate bar concept.

Current hospitality consultancy projects of Glee in Riyadh

1. Black Spoon

Black Spoon LogoThe new Black Spoon restaurant being set up in Riyadh targets millennials and young families with a twist. The concept, which is in its development stages, is already promising results having been developed with the market in mind. The majority of restaurant goers are young people and the interior has been set to cater for that. With an authentic mix between raw, natural wooden table tops and natural metal and clean epoxy – concrete flooring, the place oozes with glamour. The food is set to be made with traditional authentic savor, while ensuring it cuts through the modern presentation and setting for food lovers. Glee is working to ensure that the restaurant not only caters for the food lovers, but also for the Instagrammers, to whom exquisite backgrounds are a major attraction point. The value in Black Spoon is in its beauty from all fronts.

2. Urban Eatery

Urban Eatery LogoUrban Eatery is a neighborhood eatery that features a vibrant and buzzing sandwich and coffee bar to serve those with an active lifestyle who prefer a fresh and fast meal to-go.
The sandwiches will be made using fresh bread and simple ingredients, and can be complemented with specialty coffee. The counter will also feature cakes, baked goods and desserts with a powerful aroma that fill the space.

The dining area is a place where people come together to socialize, interact and have a good time. It will be airy, and full of light. It’s laidback, home-y feel will be counteracted by its elevated design features including velvet, plush chairs. Earthy tones from large central plants will bring life into the space. Artistic elements can be spotted on the walls and in the design.

Other services offered by Glee Consultancy Services

1. Auditing of existing businesses

Glee does not only offer hospitality consultancy in Saudi Arabia but have expanded their scope to offer auditing to existing businesses. Young businesses are turned away by investors especially when the management seem to lack enough information about the market and managing the company. With extensive experience, Glee helps budding business understand the various aspects of the hotel industries, equipping them with skills for good financial management as well as doing auditing on their behalf.

2. Consultancy for Acquiring and Selling F and B Concepts

Glee also offers consultancy for acquiring and selling F&B concepts to cater for investors who want to invest in something new as well as existing ideas.

3. F&B Master planning and strategy formulation for hotels

Glee helps hoteliers and restaurateurs in formulating strategies and food solutions for hotels, and mixed use developments. They help ensure diversity of services offered in hotels as well as maximizing on sales opportunity and asset value.

With the extensive list of all the satisfied clients of Glee Hospitality Solutions, not only in Saudi but throughout the MENA regions, it is no doubt that your business will also enjoy its maximum success when you partner with Glee. Email your enquiries at or call them on +971 4 450 3775.