Kishmish Interior Design
Kishmish Interior Design

Kishmish: Where it all began

The idea behind this brave and wonderful new restaurant venture was a simple one; take good Afghani food from the dinner tables of Afghanistan to the gourmet dining tables all around the world. And in doing so these diners and foodies would be let into an almost secretive world of flavours and passion for food that has lived in the homes of Afghani people for thousands of years. This simple idea then blossomed into one of the hottest new restaurants in Dubai 2018.

So whose brainchild was Kishmish? That credit goes to the three passionate Afghani women who, with the help of Glee Hospitality consultants, were able to make their dream of bringing authentic Afghani cuisine to the rest of the world, come true. Homieira, Iman and Fatima were three Afghani sisters who felt that the world was somewhat in the dark about the wonders of the food from their home country. They wanted to let the world in so that they could taste for themselves and experience the delicious and interesting food that they grew up eating.

These three women saw the fruits of their rich culture going to waste and decided to do something about it. All the bad press that Afghanistan was getting on the news missed the more beautiful and delicate sides of their country. This needed to change. But they needed a restaurant concept design that would showcase the food so as to make it as alluring a concept as the food was delicious. This was when they decided to look for Hospitality consultancy in Dubai. And it’s when Glee Hospitality Solutions stepped in.

From Concept to Conception

The idea of opening a restaurant can be a daunting one to say the absolute least, even if like these three women, you have a sound idea and passionate motivation, not to mention a beautiful tasting menu. What was needed was the help of F&B Consultants to come up with an executable plan of action to enable them to make this not merely an Afghani restaurant, but one that will bring to the diners their nostalgic, passionate and stylish take on Afghani culture through food.

Working with the passion of three amazing Afghani women, the near-forgotten menu of an ancient country and a true need to put forward their brand in the right way, Kishmish soon became one of the most waiting, upcoming restaurants in Dubai 2018. Kishmish, however, would see itself from the very outset as being far more than merely just a restaurant. With the expertise in restaurant concept development offered by Glee Hospitality, Kishmish would come to encapsulate and make the most of one of the more unique restaurant concepts that Dubai had seen for a very long time.

The simplicity of the Kishmish concept seemed to be aided at every step by the sincerity of the brief and the experience of their hospitality consultants. Glee Hospitality were the consultants that were chosen to realise these three sister’s dream. Their in-depth knowledge of restaurant conception allowed them to make the most of the traditional elements during the design phase. This led to the restaurant’s excellent use of space to create the perfect atmosphere. That characteristic of the space as a whole was essentially what has made Kishmish stand out from the other new restaurants opening in Dubai 2018.

More than merely a meal

With the plan securely set in place, Kishmish had a menu, an ethos and a dream. Now all that was needed was for everything to come together in a way that played to every strength the concept had. Glee Hospitality was able to guide the owners and staff through what would be needed of them. If Kishmish truly was not just to be every other restaurant, then every part of the concept would have to be painstakingly perfected and carried out with the precise execution that only a top level F&B consultant would be capable of.

Kishmish wanted from the start for their menu to speak for itself. The food on offer would be a cuisine reminiscent of various others from this side of the world but with its own complex mix of spice and fresh ingredients. The Afghani menu that Kishmish prides itself on offering their diners is a mix of histories. It is this rich and wide variety of flavours gathered in Afghanistan over thousands of years of trading that allowed Kishmish to be nominated for the Homegrown Restaurant category at BBC Good Food Middle East Awards 2018.

The Kishmish diner is from the very start of their experience, ushered it seems into a whole other world. The excellent job Glee Hospitality have done with the fit-out means that you are seated on furniture reminiscent of Ethan Allan, in a gorgeously decorated space that seems like a collection of Afghani traditions more than anything else. The flowing canopies and authentic touches throughout the restaurant, such as the handmade Afghani cutlery, only serve to strengthen the unique restaurant concept.

There is also an open kitchen type counter where chefs prepare dishes using the freshest of ingredients such as Okra and Lamb. The use of spices that remind of India and other dishes that have their roots in Afghanistan’s former conquests or history with neighbouring countries means that the diner is made to feel somewhat whisked away. Glee Hospitality have used all that they have learned over years of designing, conceptualising, opening and operating F&B establishments all over the UAE to enable Kishmish to become one of the jewels of the UAE restaurant industry.

Kishmish keeps on cooking

With there being such a large number of pre-opening restaurants in Dubai, it is not merely the concept and the execution that matter in the long run. The operation needs to run smoothly and the service has to be as good as it is from day one. This is where the help of a great hospitality consultant comes into play once more. Glee Hospitality’s eye for detail and operational history added yet more strings to Kishmish’s bow and allowed for this already great restaurant concept to grow yet stronger as their customer base grew.

With Arabic flourishes appearing throughout not only the décor but the flavours, Kishmish is a calm in the storm. Appearing as somewhat of an oasis amongst the large number of restaurants opening their doors throughout the UAE in the year 2018, Kishmish, with the expert help of Glee Hospitality Solutions, has given themselves a strong foundation on which they can stand proudly. Here is a restaurant that while offering you a taste of both culture and cuisine, is also able to almost transport its diners from the Dar Wasl Mall an Al Safa Dubai, to another place entirely. It is as if you are seated for dinner in an Afghani home as the décor and ingredients tell you stories of history while you eat.

Walk into Kishmish today and you will see what can be done when the passion and belief in an idea is backed up by the expert industry knowledge of an F&B consultant like Glee Hospitality. Easily one of the most exciting dining prospects to open its door in the UAE in the last few years, Kishmish is definitely not one to be missed.

There is a reason that Kishmish has been championed by food and beauty bloggers all over the region, the mix of design, concept and execution has to be seen for oneself.  Head down to Kishmish today.

And if you are in need of assistance for your restaurant concept development, choose Glee Hospitality today and enjoy a successful F&B business tomorrow.