Your one-stop shop to all types of meat, from burgers, to briskets and ribs you will find it all at Drive Thru. the quick service and top quality food offering will have customers come back from more.


    Barbra is the IT lunch spot where elegance, good food and a cozy atmosphere meet. The timeless interior will make it the IT place adaptable to any trend in the market.


    Cracked is the food truck for everything eggs, from egg bites to the filled egg sandwich, Cracked has it all for the eggheads!


    Lebanese Market style restaurant. This concept is a typical Middle-Eastern food establishment serving quintessential and traditional Lebanese cuisine in Jeddah.

  • Double Cheese Please

    The burger joint is known to be the #1 burger in Jeddah. It is the talk of the town for its ridiculously good patties and buns.

  • HOOK

    New restaurant concept part of the hook chains, will be offering the best food in town. Setting it well above any of the casual food restaurants In term of taste and quality of service. Located in Saudi Arabia.


    SPACCA is Matteo’s Oven House Pizza Bar, a bar that will be offering fresh pizza made on the spot with the freshest ingredients. The signature pizza comes from Matteo’s years of practice in Italy, where he learned from the best in Italy the art of pizza making.


    Lyfe Cafe is Dubai’s newest healthy food brand without the labels. We offer real, wholesome food made with fresh ingredients every single day.

  • REYO

    Reyo is a sweet treat & ice cream brand, that completely changes the way you eat ice cream. Using various moulds, the ice cream shaped into creative ice lollies and then placed in a keepsake dipping bowl of delicious chocolaty goodness with either crushed biscuits & nuts.


    Pekoe will be a cozy and dynamic contemporary coffee/tea shop that offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for tea & coffee enthusiasts. A sensory experience whether alone or with a crowd. The concept will cater to different clientele like business people or for quick “grab and go” or families for an unhurried laid back afternoon.


    Following the trend of Co-Working Spaces worldwide this concept will cater to corporate nomads and brings premium and creative signature dishes and world-class coffees to the Sharjah market.

  • CUTS

    Bringing premium meats to the UAE Cuts is one of its kind concepts that combines the art of a butcher shop with a restaurant.

  • JAMZ

    Street food concept will bring in a cuisine that will be a fusion and an amalgamation of street food dishes. Mixing and matching different dishes and flavors from across the world and making them unique.


    We endeavor to introduce a book truck, one of its own kind of a concept that will enable its patrons a place to indulge in the world of books and bites!!! The truck will carry hundreds of books from every genre to cater to every interest and serve a specialty menu concentrating on house coffee/ tea and small bowls of savory and sweet.