Glee Hospitality has in-depth understanding and knowledge of the restaurant business and franchising industries, which helps us in assisting our clients with every aspect of the franchising process. We cater to all the different requirements from our clients, whether they want to buy the Master Franchises from the existing opportunities available with us or want us to explore other opportunities considering their requirement. We are happy to assist you throughout your journey and provide you with 360 restaurant franchise solutions.


With our extensive experience in the Hospitality domain, we are able to offer our clients the best possible solution for them. From the initial finding of Franchises and suitable sites to business and financial assessment, concept development and marketing. We pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive and unique service. We trust that we will be able to assist you in fulfilling your dream ….




    Yasalam is a unique fast casual experience in the market place which brings together two quintessential Arabian and Western fast food: Shawarma and Burgers. YaSalam offers a tasty alternative for those on the go – simple but exciting food. Hand-prepared daily from fresh and natural ingredients. Protein led, premium shawarma and burgers. Fixed menu options and customizable alternatives.

    yaslam front view
    beit front


    beit logo

    Beit Wared is a high–end Lebanese restaurant & café targeting mid- to high end customers through its unique concept and high quality of food and services. Beit Wared brings to the sea the pure atmosphere of the Lebanese rural house, including authentic hospitality and generosity related to the treasures of Mother Earth and Mother Nature.


    el hessen

    Set el Hessen is a restaurant that revives the oldest Speciality in the Lebanese cuisine, dating back to the 1920’s A magical atmosphere, rich in old memories, overwhelms Set El Hessen, which takes back the visitors to the days of the ancestors.

    set el hessen
    bent chef


    bent logo

    Welcome to the whimsical world of Bent El Sultan. The place where flavours and cultures all melt in one place. The place that treats every lady that walks in precisely like the Sultan’s daughter. A fusion of different Levantine flavors combines signature traditional dishes to bring you a blend of cultures with the richest and most refined ingredients.


    millie cookies

    Millie’s Cookies is a UK chain of retail bakeries, Specialising in cookies, muffins, hot drinks and gifts. It was named after its founder’s mother-in-law, Charlotte Pitcher. The company has stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Egypt, Malta, Hong Kong. The company owns 105 stores in the United Kingdom.

    millie cookies
    cafe capuchin


    caffe aitazza

    Caffè Ritazza is a chain of coffee shops owned by the British multinational company SSP Group. It provides a range of coffees, pastries, ciabattas, panini and alcoholic drinks at many sites internationally. There are 119 outlets across 21 countries.


    upper crust

    Perfectly suited to eating on the move, Upper Crust now has more than 100 stores in travel locations across more than 15 countries giving us an enormous depth of experience in serving a diverse range of travelers from around the globe.
    As a fast urban bakery brand, our food and beverage offer is focused around hero bread products – our famous baguettes and signature flat breads. Our extensive range means we will have something to appeal to

    upper crust
    sub sandwich

    MR. SUB

    mr sub

    Mr. SUB, Canada’s first submarine sandwich chain, and iconic brand was founded in Toronto in 1968.It is especially known for its freshly baked bread, healthy ingredients and customising each order to the customer’s satisfaction in over 305 outlets. The internationally renowned submarine sandwich chain had worked closely with local chefs to ensure a good balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in its menu.


    Jugo juice

    Jugo Juice is establishing itself as the most recognized and respected brand for smoothies in Canada. Our goal is to offer customers not just the finest smoothies, juices and food products anywhere, but also a completely healthy lifestyle experience. We are pioneers in the future of healthy fast food alternatives.

    Jugo juice
    van houtte coffee


    van houtte

    For nearly 100 years, Van Houtte has been a coffee pioneer throughout the North American region, perfecting roasting methods and helping customers understand their unique coffee profile. Research shows our brand to be associated in people’s minds with attributes of high quality, great variety, gourmet and coffee expertise. As a result, it is also seen as a brand people trust.


    burger joint

    A Burger concept that is developed to become a franchise concept in Baqdad , Iraq. After the first outlet was successfully launched, the concept was rolled out into 5 more outlets and franchisee. Burger Joint serves fresh and tasty burgers , hotdogs and shakes made out of local fresh ingredients.

    500 copy
    Rice Creamery Menu Options



    A dessert place serving a variety of flavors of rice pudding. Successfully launched on October 2013, in Citywalk, Dubai. The franchise rights have been sold to Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Second outlet Opened in May 2015 at Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi. Third outlet Opened in September 2015


    urban bites

    A gourmet sandwich shop offering a wide range of sandwiches, soups,salads, wraps, bagels, desserts and beverages tailor made to the liking of the growing fast paced population demographics. Successfully launched in August 2013 in the Shining Tower, Abu Dhabi. Second outlet launched January 2014. Urban Bites kiosks are at HCT, King College and Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi (2014/2015).

    urban bites
    bashawarma wrap



    A Concept that offers home-made molten cake, also known as fondant sold in jars offering a wide range of sweet varieties.The cakes you melt for. Opening date is in the end July 2014, in the Danet Tower, Abu Dhabi. Second store opened in May 2015 in Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai..


    malongo logo

    Malongo is the leading actor for fair trade coffees and bio-coffees. Malongo is the creator of vacuum packed metal cans, single-origin coffees, and the 123 Spresso® coffee pod system. Malongo produces 7,000 tons of coffee each year. Their unique quality culture is the basis for their values: preservation of the roasted coffee, respect for the men and women growing the plants, plus customer satisfaction. They track coffee step by step, from the plantations to the cup. They are present in the hotel and catering segments, in wholesale (large and medium-sized stores), and in exports via their Malongo Cafés, and finally via their online web shop.

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    UNDER 500

    under500 logo

    Under500 is an innovative, healthy, home-style café concept that offers a wide selection of delicious wholesome and healthy meal option under 500 calories. Under 500 is redefining the healthy food with a concept that combines high quality ingredients, open kitchens and industrial chic atmosphere in a fast casual setting. We respect the integrity of their team, authenticity of their products, and are proud of under500 heritage and most importantly the customer experience. Already a favorite amongst Dubai residents ,Under 500 dishes are fresh ,gourmet meals that help the clients stay healthy and fit with every dish designed to incorporate nutrient dense ingredients.


    micasa logo

    Mi Casa is a traditional Mexican street food, which is famously known for the use of fresh ingredients, intense flavors and vibrant colors, our menu is packed with a range of exciting burritos, salads and nacho choices, including chicken, beef, pork or chargrilled vegetables.

    micasa wrap



    Gildings, carvings, mouldings, chandeliers and frescoes cover all the walls of the restaurant, giving it the appearance of a museum of the 1900s. The 41 paintings mounted on canvas were painted by the most prominent artists of the time.

    At the Train Bleu, the food is mostly inspired by French gastronomic tradition all the while respecting the fresh products delivered daily and cooked on-site in our Parisian restaurant.


    johnny rockets
    • What was once an all-American restaurant has opened its doors to attain a truly global culture. We draw inspiration from cuisine and culture all over the globe. We offer best-in-class burgers, shakes, and fries.
    • What was once an offering of classic ice cream shakes becomes a select variety of hand-spun shakes with a new offering of craft soda floats.
    • One day, a long time ago, singing, dancing servers were all the rage. At Johnny Rockets, our servers share their passion for food through superb customer service.
    johnny rockets design hospitality consultancy
    pret to go


    pret to go

    Pret To Go offers a wide selection of freshly prepared, natural and handcrafted food for the “person-on-the-go” looking for a quick breakfast, lunch or supper and catering to a variety of tastes and food preferences. Dubai’s morning rush can now wake up with Pret To Go’s top-quality organic coffee offering alongside the array of delicious freshly baked goods and breakfast items.

    Pret To Go currently operates 8 units in the UAE with flagship outlets at DIFC, Emaar Square, Media City and Abu Dhabi International Airport.


    Burgers with added awesome. Dogs with extra bite. Classic New York attitude served with sides of hell-yeah and OMG. Meat District is an American Diner destination where you get simple yet great food, housed in a relaxed environment.

    The restaurant is brought to life by vivid art and graffiti by local artists, entertaining all who eat to rocking beats.

    EL SUR

    El Sur is our own interpretation of fine-casual Spanish gastronomy presented in a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. Through the use of dynamic recipes, our innovative menu pushes beyond the boundaries of what one would expect to find in a traditional Spanish restaurant.


    Executive Chef Juan Carlos has worked in various Michelin-starred restaurants and under Spanish Celebrity Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli and Joan Roca of El Cellar Can Roca.


    El Sur has won many awards such as Ahlan Hot 100 Restaurants 2014, Hot 100 Bars 2015, Time Out Highly Commended Restaurant 2015 and is a winner of the Prestigious What’s On Best European Restaurant 2015.


    The journey to Bazxar began with one very simple question: in a city famed for its novel dining experiences, what would somewhere truly fresh, vibrant and exciting look like?

    We think it would look like this. A place where every sip and bite takes you on a new culinary adventure of intense tastes and global influences. A place that adapts and changes with you, to the time you have available and to the people you are sharing it with.

    Social. Sophisticated. Grab and go. Stop and chat. A cuisine fired by passion, authenticity and above all, flavour – always flavour.

    Set within an award-winning design of steel, wood and brass that connects every eating space with the most exciting bar in the city, it looks, feels and tastes like nowhere else in Dubai. And every time you step inside, you’ll find there’s a new experience waiting for you.


    Suzying’s is an exciting new restaurant where new tastes, sounds and

    flavours fire up the imagination.

    A Chinese scholar called Zhuge Liang, in the third century was the founder and

    inventor of the “Baozi” or AKA the “Bao” ( Mantou ) as we have now grown to

    taste and love!

    And now from the streets of Shanghai born 2000 years ago Suzyling’s gives

    you a “Bao Wow” experience the softness and sweetness of our buns prepared

    for you any time of day.

    These tasty Buns, savory and sweet are filled with delicious meats, outbursts of

    saucy flavours and vegetables to suit your palette. Suzyling’s offer dairy free

    buns too.


    s'wich logo

    Shawarmas. We grew up on them. We love them. And like about a billion other people, we can’t live without them. But they haven’t changed one bit since, like forever. We’re talking the same handful of heartburn from Turkey to Tajikistan and a million street corners in between. And frankly, that’s made them boring. Where’s the choice? Where’s the healthy stuff?

    Call us crazy, but we believe food should taste good and be good for you too. So we took the old-fashioned street-style shawarma, threw in two hungry entrepreneurs and a celebrity chef then s’wiched it all up.

    We re-designed and re-crafted every part of the beloved shawarma. We baked our own breads, found local and organic suppliers, created our own sauces, and sourced premium ingredients you won’t find anywhere else.

    You can create your shawarma any way you like, from thousands of choices. Then you can name it, save it and share it with others in the s’wich community

    waffle art bistro


    waffle art


    We started to offer service with Waffle Art brand together with 55 range of products a first in Turkey at Çekirge/Bursa in 2001.

    DEVELOPMENT (2008)

    We enriched the menu with vitamin bar, milkshake, coffee, tea and fondue at the end of 2008.

    SALTY WAFFLE (2009)

    November 2009, we started to sell salty waffle group in a first in Turkey and in the World.


    We enrich our menu with salads, cold sandwiches, and macaroni in our bistro business units in 2012.

     FRANCHISE (2017)

    Our growing company with the franchise who is offering a various opportunities stand, middle place, shop, bistro and express depending on the place as you see on the presentation file for our investors.  


    Jones the Grocer logo

    The brand is famed for sourcing natural ingredients produced by specialist suppliers, showcased through their menu, which is prepared in open kitchens and served in Jones the Grocer’s contemporary-designed cafes. Some stores also feature walk-in cheese rooms, a patisserie, bakery, charcuterie and deli.

    Jones the grocer

    CAFÉ 57

    Cafe 57

    No.57 – A boutique cafe offering delicious, flavorful food that radiates service and quality. A boutique cafe that introduces a radiates approach to a typical cafe, bringing in a synergy of elements. This will introduce a redefined approach to typical cafe, bringing in a synergy of elements where Middle Eastern ingredients meets the commonly known cafe culture.


    Frikadell Burger

    Frikadell is a premium gourmet burger concept that allows customers to ‘Build’ their own burger through a fun and interactive process. Diners can scroll through a number of ingredients on the proprietary app to combine items to build their own meal. Customers are fully in control of the ordering process, and by using the advanced technology Frikadell offers.

    Cafe Youne



    Cafe Younes is a Lebanon-based specialty multi-national coffee roaster since 1935 that genuinely embraces modernity throughout its history. It offers its clients a cozy, contemporary and convenient setting with a diverse menu selection, bringing the aesthetics of its authentic visual history into a contemporary setting.