Menu Optimization
Menu Optimization

Menu Optimization for Your Restaurant

Planning your menu might seem cumbersome at first, but the more you pay attention to this vital part of your restaurant, the better. A term that is commonly used but not often applied, is menu optimization. Also called menu engineering, it takes a comprehensive look at the dishes that are the most profitable in your restaurant and uses data to improve your bottom line.

However, it could be difficult to do this on your own and getting a third party’s perspective is always wise. This is where a restaurant consultant such as Glee Hospitality comes in.

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu development is pivotal to the entire profitability of your restaurant. Once you understand which dishes sell and zone in on the right menu design, you’ll have an easier time planning other aspects such as ingredients and ambiance. While menu engineering is pivotal for enhancing profits, it also tells you more about your customers and why they visit your restaurant.

With online food delivery applications becoming the norm, the better your menu, the higher your ratings, and the better your chances of achieving digital organic success. F&B Consultants such as Glee Hospitality help you achieve complete success, from ensuring that your restaurant has the right talent to organizing client tasting sessions. Our menu optimization offerings include costing, recipe creation, and finalizing prices for customers.

For further success in menu engineering, follow these tips:

Use an order management app

To execute a successful menu, you need the right supplies and ingredients. Order management apps such as eighty6 facilitate smooth communication with many suppliers at one go. Once you place an order, the most relevant supplier will fulfil it.

Do your research

To achieve perfection in menu engineering it’s important to be well informed on the latest industry trends. A food consultant can help you but do keep an eye out on what’s trending in the community around you.

Make the menu concise

Customers aren’t going to go through a fifty-page menu, no matter how delectable your dishes may be. It’s better to narrow down on your most profitable dishes and focus on a smaller selection. This will avoid overcrowding your menu, and you can also explain each dish in a special way.

Restaurant menu design

Designing your menu is one of the most vital steps in grabbing the attention of potential customers. This includes both online and offline menus. Your online menu might be different, with better readability and fewer graphics. Meanwhile, your offline menu could be grander and more elaborate. Make sure to engage with a professional designer to get this done.

Don’t forget about the drinks

Menu engineering isn’t only about food! Drinks have a large role in influencing customer choices. You could pair drinks with dishes or have a special drinks menu as well. Mocktails with unique superfood ingredients are a growing trend, and such elements should be investigated.

Restaurant interior design

Your menu won’t work unless you upgrade your restaurant’s all-around ambiance. Each customer’s experience goes beyond food, and while food is the central aspect, the interior design, music, and staff make the visit memorable. Every facet of your restaurant should follow your brand and create a niche journey.

Work with consultants

F&B consultants such as Glee Hospitality are always on top of their game and are experts in menu engineering. While most restaurant owners and managers understand the food business to a great extent, menu engineering requires further knowledge, experience, and a professional touch.

We hope this blog helped you with the basics of menu optimization. For further information, email us at