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The Roost, Dubai has been nominated for the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards – Restaurant of the Year – Healthy Eating category. Also, Chef Zayn has been nominated in the Executive Chef of the Year category.


Bring a hearty and delicious dinner home, with a little something for everyone to enjoy.
We’re not going to lie – we practically live on delivery meals (we’re going to blame long and frequent deadlines to bring you a fabulous magazine and website, so don’t judge us). Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy takeaway options available, but truth be told, some of them can be a bit bland.

Also, nobody wants to return from a rigorous and refreshing gym session, only to ruin your efforts with greasy grub. So when we heard about the healthy AND homely newcomer, The Roost Rotisserie, we were instantly intrigued.

Located in Al Wasl, Jumeirah, The Roost was started by an Emirati husband and wife team who plan to feed the UAE wholesome “fresh from the earth” goodness, from their hormone-free chicken to their sugar-free banana ketchup. Sounds good, right?


Indeed it is. Delivered right to our door, the roast chicken is exactly what you’d expect from a free range, antibiotic and hormone-free rotisserie chicken. It’s a delicious protein boost, with one “Full Monty” whole chicken very comfortably feeding two people.

From “The Crops” menu, we decide to break away from our diet for a second (in the name of research, obvs). Yummy herb mash potato, broth infused brown rice and oregano and sea salt fries are the perfect accompaniments if you don’t fear carbs.

But it’s the “Grazing” menu that really catches our attention. The panzanella salad is full of flavour, and includes chunky slices of avocado, spinach and basil pesto dressing. Our favourite, however, is undoubtedly the honey mustard chicken, with asparagus, edamame and green beans with mustard dressing. It’s so delicious, we could have it as a meal on its own. In fact, we do exactly that the following day with the yummy leftovers.


To accompany the dishes, there are a variety of sugar-free, handmade sauces. The banana ketchup and chilli and lime are must-tries.

After all that, we need to wash it down with something. And the handmade juices and mocktails do exactly that. The Roost Boost, containing orange, carrot and ginger, has a healthy kick to it, while the Rosemary Delight with rosemary, pineapple, lemongrass, lemon juice and sparkling water is super refreshing.

Considering the prices are also quite reasonable compared to its competitors in the region, we think we’ve found a new favorite chicken delivery service for dinner (RIP fried chicken).

INFO: Sat-Wed noon-10pm, Thu-Fri noon-midnight, 800ROOST,


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