By Abdul Kader Saadi, Special to Gulf News

Food and beverage (F&B) operators constantly face challenges in all avenues of their business. From increased competition to supplier costs, there is no shortage of factors forcing them to be diligent to ensure their very survival.

In light of recent trends, F&B outlets are seizing upon new ways, which promise to sustain their business models and improve their market position. A technique that has been employed with successful results in the West is a reliance on part-time staff to mirror seasonal changes in demand. This model, if properly implemented, can bring significant benefits to local F&B outlets to help combat the UAE market’s particular set of challenges.

It needs two main factors to make it the perfect market for deploying part-time staff as a viable option. The first stems from the extremely seasonal nature of the F&B market and the second, is due to the high costs associated with issuing resident visas and salaries to full-time staff for restaurants.

If we look at the F&B sector model in the West, their entire premise is based on utilising part-timers and students as their staff pool. This works in sync with travel and seasonal patterns, whereby people move from mountain or ski resorts to beachside properties in the summer and vice versa in winter. This pattern correlates to demand patterns in the F&B sector, where a substantial number of individuals seek part-time and seasonal work to fill the void at outlets seeking staff.

In this fashion, a perfect synergy is formed between young staff seeking income and F&B operators who can pay for staff when it is most prudent to do so, i.e., in their respective busy periods.

This is an important observation because seasonal outlets would otherwise be paying full salaries all year round.


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Article courtesy – Gulf News