Restaurant Packed with Customers - Top View
Restaurant Packed with Customers - Top View

Hospitality consultants work to start up, improve and renovate businesses within hospitality, and ultimately drive you forwards within the industry. As experts within their field, they are able to provide insider advice, procure well-priced goods and services through their network, and both assess and improve your company’s success trajectory.

Using consultants when starting up or furthering your business ensures that time and money are not wasted through common delays and costly mistakes. Their network of contacts and wealth of insider knowledge saves more money than they cost to hire, however it also spares business owners of the usual stress and uncertainty of tapping into unchartered markets; or expanding while ensuring both the current and the new operation will run smoothly.

By its nature, hospitality is a very broad industry that covers all businesses and roles wherein interaction occurs between staff and visitors. This might be in a hotel, a museum, or in a cafe; there are countless areas that call for hospitality services, but for the sake of convenience, we will narrow our focus onto hospitality consultancy for restaurants within this article.

So, what do hospitality consultants do particularly for restaurants?

Glee Hospitality Team with Restaurant StaffHospitality consultants, when looking at restaurant businesses, use their extensive, in-depth market knowledge to save time and money by avoiding common, costly mistakes and preventing the typical delays. This often involves drawing up plans, providing professional advice, offering training and support; all geared towards improving each aspect of the restaurant. A strong focus is often put on establishing relaxing, hospitable areas and fostering positive, productive interactions between staff and customers. As found within all aspects of hospitality consultancy, the aim of restaurant consultants is to streamline the processes and surroundings, to ensure visitors leave happy and with the desire to return.

The role of a hospitality consultant is for vastly experienced industry professionals with established networks and a proven history of work within the hospitality industry; their working history should be long enough for the consultant to have learned from both the successes and the failures of the companies they have worked for, enabling them to fully understand the common tendencies of hospitality businesses, and therefore avoid the pitfalls. The consultant should use their experience to provide their clients with a broad range of knowledgeable services and solutions that drive the business towards success.

There are many consultants out there, each offering different packages, however at Glee Hospitality, we have established the extensive range of services below. Clients either choose the whole package, or cherry pick certain services to grow or build their restaurants. We have broken our services down into four categories to enable you to view what is most relevant to you, whether you are starting a restaurant (Pre-Opening Services); have opened and wish to further succeed (Post-Opening Services); if you are looking to branch out (Franchising Services); and a couple of other services that can be used at any time (Additional Services).

Pre-opening services

  • Financial Feasibility & Market Study

Hospitality consultants have direct involvement in various different outlets, including access to industry-specific facts and figures. These are used in calculating the financial feasibility of the project, and evaluating the business marketing strategies. Find out more.

  • Concept Development

A study of the market is followed by the formulation and development of a new concept for the hospitality business. Find out more.

  • Securing Locations

Consultants use their extensive knowledge of the market and insider insights to hone in on the best locations for the setup or expansion of hospitality businesses. Find out more.

Kitchen Design Image

  • Operational Manuals

Operational manuals are then developed to match the business’ needs and goals. Find out more.

  • Kitchen Design

The heart of the restaurant requires smooth work flows and easy staff access, among other professional considerations. Find out more.

  • Main Contractor Tender

Through their extensive networks, consultants are able to successfully acquire competitive tenders. Find out more.

  • Menu Engineering

Consultants do more than just draw up menus; they plan the costing, recipe detailing, food presentation, through to the selling price. Find out more.

  • Marketing and PR Support and Coordination

Professional consultants can also provide a range of marketing services and public relations solutions. Find out more.

  • Interior Design

Industry knowledge helps hospitality consultants in the food and beverage industry to deliver exceptional interior design concepts that work with the space. Find out more.

  • Brand Identity

To ensure your brand message is professional and consistent throughout, some hospitality consultants are able to analyse and streamline your branding; ensuring everything is in line with your business position and ambitions. Find out more.

  • Recruitment

Professional hospitality consultants will not only find staff with the skills you need; they will also equip them with the relevant knowledge and training they will need to work cohesively with your brand. Find out more.

Post-opening services

  • Operational Management

Operational services and solutions that could maximise on economies of scale to cut back on back-office expenses. Find out more.

  • Human Resource Management

HR issues can be handled by competent consultants who understand the industry. This service cuts down on the in-house staffing and training requirements of hospitality businesses. Find out more.

Accounting and Cost Control Image

  • Accounting and Cost Control

These are other areas that can be taken care of by knowledgeable hospitality consultancy firms, maximising profits and ROI without increasing staffing costs. Find out more.

  • Centralised Purchasing

Resources are procured from one central department within most hospitality consultancies, thereby minimising administrative costs. Find out more.

  • Monthly Reporting

Professional consultancies provide regular reporting, allowing business owners the freedom to see the facts and figures that follow their success, without having to research and analyse the data themselves. Find out more.

  • Auditing of Existing External Operating Businesses

Understanding the common problem areas within your business enables consultants to identify what you need to operate more efficiently. Find out more.

Development of Franchise Operational Manuals

Franchising Services

  • Advising on Securing Franchise Agreements

Important legal advice must come from your region of operation, but equally its value cannot be overstated. Find out more.

  • Development of Franchise Operational Manuals

Guidance can be offered in establishing, developing and successfully running a franchise business. Find out more.

Additional services

  • Consultancy for Acquiring and Selling F&B Concepts

Thorough audits and company analysis enable consultants to pinpoint the right opportunities for you whenever necessary. Find out more.

  • F&B Master Planning and Strategy Formulation for Hotels

Expansions for hotels and mixed-use developments are also dealt with in-depth by hospitality consultants. Find out more.

Are you considering a hospitality consultant for your restaurant business or idea?

The above points serve to illustrate just how much a hospitality consultant encompasses, however the main benefits are their extensive, in-depth market knowledge and the amount of money that is saved on restauranteering projects by avoiding common, costly mistakes and preventing the typical delays.

The network of experienced hospitality consultants cannot be overstated – their wealth of contacts across the industry is invaluable and will not only find you the best contractors and suppliers for your needs, they also prevent you from unknowingly dealing with unprofessional or overpriced contractors. In essence, consultants take all the guesswork out of starting, running and expanding your business. The consultants’ time spent working within the industry and their access to the various facts and figures, means their advice does not just come from industry professionals; it is also entirely quantifiable, as their insider information is put at your disposal.

Hospitality consultancy can be – and is – used at different stages within businesses, depending on their needs. The amount of services you opt for may also change as your business develops, however these services not only avoid delays and unforeseen costs; they also cut out the stress and expense of making the mistakes that are so typical within this industry. Allowing an industry expert to guide you through starting, expanding or even selling a restaurant, will ultimately enable you to get the best out of your business, no matter what stage it is in.

Take the stress out of setting up and succeeding with your restaurant by talking it through with one of our friendly staff members at Glee Hospitality.